7 July 2011

Mac Haul (Semi- Precious Collection & Fashion Flower Collection 2011)

On Monday I ordered a few things from the new Mac Collection, I was going to wait for a few weeks as I have bought quite a few bits and pieces over that last couple of weeks (oops). But I was worried that the things I wanted from the new collections would sell out and I would miss the opportunity.

So I bit the bullet:
Mac Semi- Precious Collection Haul
 I ordered 1 thing from the "Semi- Precious Collection":

The Rose Quartz Mineralized Skinfinish
Mac Rose Quartz Mineralized Skinfinish
Rose Quartz Mineralized Skinfinish
This is my favourite thing that I got and if money was no object I would of bought them all, but they were £20 each, so I could only afford to get one.

From The "Fashion Flower Collection" I picked up:

Ever Hip Lipstick
Mac Ever Hip Lipstick
This lipstick was in another collection a while ago and I missed it, so this was a must and I have to say the picture don't do it any justice. The colours is a gorgeous coral and it's showing up as red (picture fail).

Mac Ever Hip Lipstick Swatch

Lastly I got 2 of the miniatures:
Mac Strobe Cream
Strobe Cream & Green Cleanse Gel:

I was so excited to get the strobe cream as I've heard lots of good things about it. I haven't heard many things about the gel and there are no instructions, so if anybody has any advice, that would be very helpful.

I can't wait to play around with everything.

Let me know what you got from the new collections or what you would like to get.

XOXO Claire
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