17 August 2011

The Perfect Dupe | Nubar Star Sparkle Nail Polish

I could kick myself, I really need to look more closely at my nail polish collection before I buy any more colours. I recently bought a new nail polish and I may have made a bit of a boo boo.
I already have the exact same colour by another brand... oops:

Nubar Star Sparkle Nail Polish Dupe
Models Own Juicy Jules Nail Polish
Models Own Juicy Jules Nail Polish
Models Own Juicy Jules Link /  Nubar Star Sparkle.

They look identical, even down to the size of the glitter particles, ooh dear. I totally forgot I had this polish. What's even worse is I haven't used the models own polish ether, what is wrong with me?

Have you ever bought a nail polish (or anything) and found out you already have the same colour at home? Or are you just not as stupid as me lol ?

XOXO Claire


  1. Hey Claire, I have both teses polishes too :)) I find that the Nubar is a slightly denser glitter :))xxx

  2. aw that's gutting! I seem to have lots of pinks/corals that are all starting to look exactly the same.. D: xx


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