20 September 2011

How To: Many Ways To Use Mac Eyeshadow Pigments

Ever since I got my first item from Mac (which was Mac Brule eye-shadow in case you were wondering) I was always fascinated by the pigments, they looked so colourful and exciting and I love anything that comes in a little pot, the packaging always gets me. The first pigments I ever got were from a holiday collection a few years ago, as you can see from the picture below I now have quite a selection.

Mac Pigments 101
I'm going to be honest and say that I manly only use them as eyeshadow, but after watching many youtube beauty videos I learnt they actually have many uses.

Let me first show you a few of my favourite pigments:

Mac Pigments 101
  Here are some swatches of my favourite colours:

Mac Pigments
L-R  Vanilla, Mellon, Violet, Teal, Fuchsia.

Now here's a few things the pigments can be used for:

Dry (Eyeshadow)

Wet (Eyeshadow)
You can mix the pigment with Fix + or some other kind of mixing medium, you could even use water, by mixing it you are intensifying the colour. I have done this with the violet pigment and it looked amazing. 

The same as above and you can then use it dry to set it and your eyeliner won't go anywhere.

I sometimes like to use lighter coloured pigments, like vanilla as a cheek and brow bone highlight. You could even mix it in with your mousturiser or foundation for an all over glow.

Mix a gorgeous pink pigment like fuchsia with a bit of clear gloss,  and there we have it ladies, home-made lipgloss.

Nail Polish:
This is something I have never tried and I really want to, all you need a some clear nail polish and a pigment of your choice, I think mine for be melon, I think it would be perfect for autumn. I will be sure to do a full post on this when I try it.

The sky really is the limit, all you really need is some pigments and a bit of creativity. Let me know if you have tried any of the things I mentioned? Especially if you have made your own nail polish, I would love to know how it went.

Let me know your favourite Mac pigments?

XOXO Claire.


  1. I'm so jealous or your collection! Melon looks gorgeous, and the idea about using it as nail polish is amazing, I'm going to try that out Xxxxx

  2. @Shari

    Oooh let me know how it turns out, I want to try it but I have get get some clear nail polish first :-)

  3. What an amazing collection! I think my fav Mac pigment is probably Golden Olive. I really like the look of Melon and Violet x


  4. I like MAC pigments too but I have yet to try one as a nail polish!:D

    ***** Marie *****
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  5. So many pigments. Love all the colours specially melon

  6. One of my personal make up goals is to use my pigments more, I love them but because they take that tiny bit of extra work, I do neglect them! My favourite is Reflects Antique Gold. Oh and push the edge

  7. @Gaelle- The Make up Fairy

    I know what you mean, they are quite messy but its so worth it :-)


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