21 September 2011

My Top 5 | Topshop Beauty Nail Polishes

I'm sure it's no secret by now how much I love the Topshop Make Up Range, especially their nail polishes, I've mentioned them a few time before and I thought they deserved their own post.

So I picked out 5 of my favourites to show you.
My Top 5 Topshop Nail Polishes
My Top 5 Topshop Nail Polishes
L-R Hocus Pocus (notd), Gypsy Night, AWOL (notd), Dust Sandstorm, Gone Fishing.

I think pretty much all these colours are perfect for autumn, especially gypsy night, it's perfect for Christmas. I adore everything about these nail polishes, the packaging is super cute, the brushes make applying effortless and they have a lovely array of colours, that are always on trend. The price point is really good too at £6, as they don't break the bank and they look so pretty lined up on your shelf, believe me lol.

Let me know your opinions on the Topshop Make Up Range?

XOXO Claire


  1. Sadly I've not tried anything from the topshop range yet. Gypsy night and dust sandstorm look pretty!

  2. I have gypsy night, it's a gorgeous colour! x

  3. I have Gypsy Night too, I love it.
    Have the prices gone up...I thought the last time I went they were £5, although that was a while ago...! xx

  4. @Cara Robinson

    Oops nope you're right they are £5 thank you bloger fail :-)

  5. I picked up a few last month and I really like them too. I have my eye on a fushia one!

  6. Nice nail colours!



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