24 October 2011

Favourite Highend & Drugstore Lipsticks

Today I thought I would show you a few of my favourite lipsticks, both highend and drugstore of the moment.

So lets get started with my six favourite highend.

Favourite Mac Lipsticks
Mac Lipstick Collection
Favourite Mac Lipsticks
    L-R  Nars Flamenco (Sheer), Mac Girl About Town (Amplified), Mac Likable (Creamsheen)
  Mac Show Orchid (Amplified), Mac Creme Cup (Creamsheen), Mac Hue (Glaze).

I'm absolutely obsessed with bright colours at the moment and you really can't beat Mac quality. They are so smooth and pigmented and last ages on the lips without a top up. Hue & Creme Cup are my go-to nudes I adore them, even my mum bought herself creme cup after sampling mine and she's not really a make up girl (lady) lol. I always go for sheer, glaze or creamsheen finishes as I can't stand matte lipsticks, they look gross on my dry, flaky lips.

Mac Lipstick Swatches
Flamenco, Girl About Town, Lickable, Show Orchid, Creme Cup, Hue.

Now onto my six favourite drugstore lipsticks of the moment:
Favourite Highend & Drugstore Lipsticks
Topshop Coy Lipstick
Favourite Highend & Drugstore Lipsticks
 L-R Revlon Lip-stain in Passion, Topshop Lipstick in Coy, Topshop Lipstick in Brighton Rock, Rimmel in 500 Diva Red, Rimmel 006 in Pink Blush, 17 in Cashmere Blush.

I think you can probably tell which shade of lipstick I tend to steer towards lol, pink of course and there are so many drugstore alternatives. The Revlon lip-stains are amazing, they come with a balm on the other end which you put over the top and it stops them becoming all dry. They also last all day which is fabulous.

 Swatches: Topshop Coy Swatch
L-R   Passion, Coy, Brighton Rock, Diva Red,   Pink Blush, Cashmere Blush.

There we have it, these are the lipsticks that have been gracing my lips over the last few months, although I think they will be for a long time.

 As always, leave me some of your lipstick recommendations, I just can't get enough.

XOXO Claire


  1. A lot of your favourites would make my list. I heartily recommend MAC Insanely It from the new sheen supreme range. A great hot pink with a great formula

  2. i totally envy your collection xx

  3. those colours you chose are lovely! and congrats on your 230 followers!! :D Xx

  4. I can't find Coy, I've tried to buy it many times because it looks so gorgeous x

  5. I was about to buy Coy the other day but passed now i'm kicking myself

  6. Gorgeous collection of lippies! I love MAC's Creme Cup, it was one of the first ones that I bought from them and I use mine all the time :) x


  7. Show orchid is my favourite. I have the revlon one don't know if they look similar or not.

  8. I really want to give the topshop lipsticks a go :)

    Lucy x

  9. You have such a lovely collection. X

  10. I love Cashmere Blush, it was my go-to lipstick this Summer, lasts really well :)
    I've been eyeing up Creme Cup for about six months now, think I'll have to add it to my collection next week! ^_^

  11. I love this post! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hue looks lovely, think this may be being purchased soon! Creme Cup is literally my favourite lipstick ever but I'd also recommend MAC Shy Girl which is a gorgeous peachy nude and so easy to incorporate into different looks.


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