18 May 2012

NOTD | Essie Van D'Go & Models Own Pink Fizz

As I've been into my blue polishes lately I thought it was about time for a change, I ended up choosing a very famous nail polish from Essie, which coincidentally is fastly becoming my brand of choice. I may have a few new Essie polishes winging their way to me as we speak, look out for that post in a few days.

Back to the polish itself, I'm of course talking about Van D'Go, it's been sitting patiently in my collection
for about 6 months, until now.

 Here is it in all it's glory, with a tad a glitter thrown in for good measure.
Essie Van D'Go Nail Polish
Essie Van D'Go Nail Polish
Models Own Pink Fizz Nail Polish
This colour is a gorgeous creamy, peachy pink. It's simply stunning. Like take your breath away stunning.

As always with lighter colours they tend to be quite sheer and do take a few coats to become opaque. This polish in particular took 4-5 coats, which is a lot but I think it depends on the colour, if you love the colour and it looks nice on the nails, to me it's all worth the work. As always I had to do an accent nail, they feel naked without a bit of sparkle. Models Own Pink Fizz fitted the bill perfectly, it's quite simply one of the most gorgeous nail polishes I've ever seen. I think every girl needs this polish in their collection, it's amazing and complements Van D'Go really well, don't you think?

You can now pick up Essie polishes from Superdrug & Boots. Yay about time.

Let me know what you think of this combination and what your favourite Essie polish is.

XOXO Claire


  1. Love this colour! With the added glitter, gives a little dimension to your nails :)


    1. I agree, it's one of my favourite combinations :-)

  2. i heart essies my fav is cute as a button xx


    1. Oooh I've just ordered that one, I can't wait to try it :-)

  3. Pretty colour! It's a shame it took so many coats. Someone told me that if I had a polish that was too watery and sheer to leave the cap off for an hour or so to let it thicken a bit and then I'd need less coats. I tried it with one polish and got it down from five coats to two/three :) it didn't go all gloopy or anything, it was just a better consistency.xx

  4. Oooh thanks for the tip I will definitely try that :)

  5. I love a good accent glitter nail :)
    These are lovely colours :)
    I find my light Essie colours need a lot of layers, but the pay off at the end is worth it :)

    Laura xoxo

  6. Me too, the end result is definitely worth it :-)

  7. love the combination! the color and glitter are super pretty:)


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