20 June 2012

Instagram In Pictures #1 Florida Edition

I took lots of pictures in Florida and I thought I would show you a few, so here is my 2 weeks in Instagram pictures.

1) Taking Off, Goodbye Gloomy England.
2) My in-flight entertainment, This Means War. Reese + eye candy = fab movie, unfortunately I didn't have time to finish the film before we landed, so I bought it while I was there.
3) Landing.
4) Welcome to Tampa airport, so pretty.
5) Holiday reading material.
6) Pure heaven, plus the pool was a salt water pool, my hair was very happy lol.
7) The temperature at 7pm, a good sign of things to come.
8) My new obsession Starbucks Tazo Passion Iced Tea, soooooo amazing you have to try it.

1) Check me out in my new £4 sunglasses from Matalan, such a bargain.
2) Time to fill the fridge, but.....
3) I had to buy Pretty Little Liars Season 2 instead lol.
4) I adore getting free bread with your meal, you don't get that here, plus it was so yummy, it came with cinnamon butter.
5) The view from our villa, yes that is an alligator.
6) Torrential rain, needless to say it was a bit unexpected, so we went to Ulta lol.
7) Inside my Ulta bag, My haul will be coming up soon.
8) OPI What's With The Cattitude?

1) My first trip to Ulta.
2) A yummy Philly Cheese Steak.
3) My dad fishing, plus he caught one lol, although I did get pretty sunburnt this day (even though I wore sunscreen).
4) Pelicans and they were a little too close for comfort.
5) We visited the Gamble Plantation for a bit of culture.
6 & 7) It was so interesting and beautiful, sweltering hot though.
8) Relaxing with a bit of Die Hard, unfortunately the power went out 5 minuets after I'd taken the picture lol, don't worry it came back after a couple of hours.

1) Cue another obsession, crispy marshmallow treats with rainbow sprinkles, yes I know I just turned 24 but they are so cute and yummy lol.
2) Another NOTD Essie Lilacism with Essie Absolutely Shore polka dots.
3) My new travel pillow, $5 from Wallmat.
4) Pink lemonade = one word amazballs. Why can I not get hold of this stuff in the UK :(
5) My cheap as chips £3 Primark necklace, it's gotten a lot of wear that's for sure.
6) So excited, Pretty Little Liars season 3 premiered and it was amazing !!!!!
7) Episode 2 <3, now I need to figure out where to watch it online, if you have any ideas feel free to let me know.
8) Waffle, me being a chocoholic I had to add chocolate chips, luckily I didn't put on any weight while I was on holiday :-)

1) The CCO at the Ellington Outlet Mall, definitely recommend this one.
2) New NOTD China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, look how neon it is.
3) Rocking out to the Glee soundtrack lol.
4) Pure heaven.
5) My parents freaked out when they saw this baby picture in Target, it looks a lot like me when I was a baby lol, and they made me take a picture of it.
6) Me & my dad.
7) We shared a trio of deserts........
8) The aftermath.

1) Sunset.
2) Yet more rain.....
3) Means more shopping lol.
4) Another NOTD China Glaze Refresh Mint.
5) Bread basket, this time with a garlic and balsamic dip.
6) lol I thought this was so funny
7) The damage, yes I may have a shopping problem.
8) My future husband, I love reruns

There we have it my 2 weeks in pictures, I did a lot of shopping that I'm sure you will see in a few haul posts soon and for the most part the weather was gorgeous, it reached 100 degrees on quite a few occasions. Needless to say I'm going to miss the sun and the pink lemonade.

XOXO Claire


  1. Glad you ha a lovely two weeks :) great pictures

    Hope you'll give my blog a peak


    Gem x

  2. Ohh I'm so jealous! You look like you had a lovely time! x

  3. So jealous, looks like you had a lovely time. Cant wait to see what you bought. X

    1. It was lovely thank you, I bought so much it's scary lol :-)

  4. Looks fab! And lots of shopping, bet you did well to fit it in your suitcase!

    I buy pink lemonade from Sainsburys... it's their own brand one. Worth a try?

    1. Haha, it was a challenge, I may have popped a few items in my parents suitcases lol :)

  5. Fab photos, looks like you had an amazing time! x


    1. Thank you I did, I can't wait to go back hopefully next year :-)

  6. You can watch it on project free tv on the Internet Hun :) xx

    1. Oooh I'll take a look thank you :-)

  7. You can watch it on project free tv on the Internet :) xx

  8. aww wow looks like you had an amazing time!! loving the look of all the beauty buys!! im off to new york tomorrow and ive been eyeing up what to buy ;)...you can buy pink lemonade in tescos btw dont know if it tastes the same though :) xx

    1. Have an amazing time, I'm so jealous I went once a long time ago, I will definitely cheek out Tesco, thanks for the heads up :-)

  9. Looks like you had an awesome time :)
    The pink lemonade from Sainsbury's is the best! Yum.

    You can watch it here: http://watchseries.eu/serie/pretty_little_liars


    1. I really did, Oooh I will definitely take a looksee :-)

  10. Great post! Im glad you had an amazing trip :) xxx

  11. Philly cheese steak, crispy marshmallow treats with rainbow sparkles, waffle with chocolate chips, trio of desserts and BREAD omg you can tell im on a diet, my eyes shot straight to the food pictures haha, looking forward to the upcoming hauls :) x


    1. Lol, It looks terrible all together, luckily I didn't put on any weight while I was over there, thank god. :-)


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