25 June 2012

9 Things To Pack In Your Travel Hand Luggage

Instead of doing a few travel/holiday posts before I went, I thought it would make much more sense if I did them when I got back, so I could let you know what I used and more importantly, what I didn't use. So today I'm going to show you what essentials I had in my carry on bag, maybe you might get some ideas if your planning on going on holiday soon.

My Travel Hand Luggage Essentials

Soft Scarf (Zara):
A scarf is a must for me, because planes get pretty cold and I want to be comfy. Also this scarf is huge, so I like to use it as a blanket or alternatively a pillow.

Make Up Remover Wipes:
I always like to wear a little bit of make up to the airport, like a light layer of foundation or concealer and some mascara, but I also like to let my skin breath on long haul flights so I always have some wipes with me to remove it with or just to freshen up. The Neutrogena ones have definitely become one of my favourites, they remove everything and are very moisturising.

Again another product to freshen up my skin, so it doesn't get dry, because even though I don't have dry skin 8 hours on a plane really does affect it. Plus it smells nice, I know it's not to everyone's taste, but I really like it.

My lips get seriously chapped when I fly and this is the only thing that helps keep them hydrated, plus it's a multi-purpose product, so you can use it everywhere. I also like put it on my heels where my sandals tend to rub, it creates a barrier so your feet don't get ripped to shreds. It's a must have for me, I always have a tube of it in my handbag.

Ipad 2:
I always bring my Ipad or laptop with me to keep me entertained, for example I watched a few episodes of Made In Chelsea (which is a new obsession of mine, I know I'm a bit late lol).

Magazines/ Book:
Everyone needs reading material, I only like light easy reads. I also only buy magazines when I travel now as a few years ago I did buy about 5 a week, which I realize is quite a waste lol. I'm about 100 pages in to Delirium and I don't really know what I think of it yet, not much has happened so far.

Ipod & Earphones:
I love to make a new playlist for any trip I'm taking, I like to listen to soothing songs when I'm in flight as it helps to calm me down, because I do tend to find flying stressful. I also hate the plane headphones so I always bring a few pairs of my own.

A Clear Make Up Bag:
Instead of the dreaded plastic bag I always use a see through make up bag, it makes it so much easier to see what you have inside, plus it looks a lot better.

I love the feeling when you walk down the stairs of the plane and you feel the heat of the sun hit you, that's when I know I can put on my favourite pair of sunglasses, I always have a pair with me. Sometimes more than one lol. You can't go on holiday without a cool pair of shades, they are absolutely a must have.

There are a few things I didn't mention like, sun-cream, passport, but I thought they were just a given.

I would love to know what your hand luggage essentials are, are you a serial over packer? I know I am lol. Also let me know where you're going on you holiday/vacations this summer, let me be inanely jealous.

XOXO Claire


  1. great post! This has really helped for my upcoming summer holiday :) x

  2. Awww thank you, enjoy your holiday :-)

  3. Great essentials. I always have some nivea and my kindle with me when i travel.

  4. I love holiday related posts! Anything moisturising is a necessity for me x

  5. Great tips! I always have to take books and magazines in my hand luggage, I find flights so dull! xx

    1. Thank you, me too , time seems to stand still :)

  6. I can't live without my iPad either! Great post, hope you had a great time x


    1. Thank you I did , my iPads like my baby lol. :)

  7. I love reading holiday posts! Yep essentials for me are a good lip balm, hand cream, and reading material/music. I always go wild and buy a rake of magazines for the flight, it's like a guilty pleasure haha

  8. Haha me too, I spent a fortune in the airport lol. :)

  9. Perfect travel luggage girl, you do it right :)
    Secondly, you're makeup is sooo pretty in your header! You're gorgeous girl!

  10. Great post, I don't bother taking beauty items on the plane, my makeup stays okay, but I've never flown more than 6 hours, plus nobody knows me so they don't matter :P. Always stock up on magazines in the airport and have my ipod oh and the sunnies! D:


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