15 August 2012

NOTD | Maybelline Ceramic Blue Nail Polish

Today's NOTD is very Lily Melrose esk. I can't take credit for this combination, I saw it a few weeks ago on Lily's blog and I had to try it out myself.

Maybelline Ceramic Blue Nail Polish
Models Own Ibiza Mix Nail Polish
         Maybelline Ceramic Blue &amp (link); Models Own Ibiza Mix (link).

I recently picked up ceramic blue after hearing lots of lovely things about it from lots of other bloggers, but I actually found it really hard to work with. It was so gloopy, it seems to get worse with every coat as well. I ended up doing 3 coats but it didn't dry very evenly. I was lucky I was planning on applying a glitter polish over the top because I couldn't leave it like that on it's own.

I'm so disappointed because it's such a pretty colour, I don't know, maybe I picked up a dodgy bottle, but I personally wouldn't recommend this polish just because of my experience. What is it with my light blue polishes, I always seem to have trouble with them.

Let me know what you think of Maybelline nail polishes, are you a fan of this combination?

XOXO Claire


  1. love the colour, such a shame about the consistency :(

  2. 3 coats is such a chore & takes SO long to dry which is a real shame as its such a nice colour. The Models Own glitter is AMAzing

    1. I was so disappointed because its such a gorgeous colour.


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