15 October 2012

The Prefect Dupe | Essie Size Matters

I'm always on the lookout for possible beauty dupes. Ever since Essie became more readily available (the diffusion line is now stocked in Boots) I may have developed a slight obsession with their polishes, they have such lovely colours, though they are still a little bit on the pricey side at £7.99 - £8.99 each.

Well I think I've found a cheaper dupe for one shade in particular.
Essie Size Matters Nail Polish Dupe
Barry M Raspberry is an exact dupe for Essie Size Matters.

Just in case your wondering, mine is from the winter 2011 collection mini set.
Essie Size Matters Nail Polish Dupe
As you can see from the above picture, they are identical.
 (sorry about the rubbish swatches lol )

Barry M really are a lot cheaper than Essie polishes coming in at a wallet friendly £2.99 each.

If you're after a gorgeous wine colour that's perfect for autumn/winter, you should definitely think about this Barry M polish.

Let me know if your still a fan of this series and if you're a also Barry M fan?

XOXO Claire


  1. I love a dupe post. Good spot, I'll definitely look into the Barry M one as I was eyeing up the Essie the other day (I'm obsessed with them too!) xx

    1. Thank you, oooh my collection is getting out of hand lol :-)

  2. I actually bought the Barry M one today and am painting my nails with it right now! I swear by Barry M- you can never go wrong with them, and the raspberry is a good oxblood shade!

  3. Thank you so much for this post :)
    You've saved me money!! xx

  4. I love dupe posts what a great idea. I love this coloured polish


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