5 November 2012

Product Review: OPI James Bond "Skyfall" Nail Pollish Collection (With Swatches)

Every year OPI come up with a stunning array of collections and this seasons selection is particularly exquisite. You may remember that last year they came out with a collection coinciding with the release of The Muppet's Movie, well they decided to stick on the movie theme train and go in the direction of "Bond, James Bond".

As the new James Bond film Skyfall is out now, they've teamed up and brought out 13 gorgeous nail polish shades, that are very autumn appropriate if I may say so. I of course may have ordered a few, 6 full size polishes and the mini set, so technically I have 10 from the collection lol.

First let me show you the mini set:

OPI Skyfall Collection
OPI Skyfall Collection
L-R   Goldeneye / The Spy Who Loved Me / The World Is Not Enough / Live And Let Die.

Here they are swatched:
OPI Skyfall Collection
I know my swatches aren't the neatest, but let's bypass that and concentrate on the colours. I would say the most opaque shade out of this set is The Spy Who Loved Me, it only needed 2 coats, unfortunately the rest needed at least 3 and even then, as you can see, they're still not fully opaque. I was a bit disappointed but I will try and use them. Goldeneye is a gorgeous colour, perfect for Christmas, I might try it over a black and see what that looks like.

Onto the full Sizes:
OPI Skyfall Collection
L-R  The Living Daylights /  Skyfall /  Casino Royal / Tomorrow Never Dies / Mookraker /  On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

More Swatches:
OPI Skyfall Collection Swatches
Every year OPI bring out a new glitter polish and this one,The Living Daylights, is the perfect autumnal shade. I will say though that I've already tried this one over another polish and it was the most difficult glitter polish I've had to remove yet. That being said, it is a gorgeous glitter that's very unique and is for me, definitely one of the stand-out polishes from this collection.

I'm in love with both Skyfall and Casino Royal, they are amazing colours, I'm having a difficult time deciding which colour to wear next lol. I have a feeling you will find out soon though.

Here is the glitter polish over a few of the other polishes, just to give you an idea of what they look like:
OPI Skyfall Collection Swatches
The Living Daylights over the top of:

Skyfall / Tomorrow Never Dies /  Goldeneye /  Live And Let Die

I think I would have to say my favourite combination is tomorrow never dies, I think it would look lovely for Christmas, for a party or special occasion.

 Let me know what your favourite combination is, also let me know if you've picked up any polishes from this collection?

Now I need to go see the film, hopefully I'll get around to it, one day lol.

XOXO Claire


  1. Thsese are amazing, soo jealous you have so many lol, casino royal and tomorrow never dies look lovely xx

    1. I did go a bit crazy lol, I just can't help myself when it comes to nail polish lol

  2. I love the Bond collection they have released trying to be good though and not buy them. I am tempted to get Skyfall though ;) On her Majesty's Secret Services reminds me of OPI's It's My Year


    1. I said that too, I failed lol, I've just painted my nails with Skyfall and I love it :-)


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