13 April 2013

Fashion Edit: Is "Neon" The New Black?

One of the biggest trends for this spring season is "neon", in particular neon yellow. Now I'm not normally one for this colour, it's very bright and in your face, totally not my usual style, but recently I've found myself gravitating to it for some reason. I think it might be due to one of my most recent purchases, oops.

I find shopping for accessories, scarves, bags and jewellery so much more exciting than clothing. I love how one statement accessory can change a whole, simple outfit into something extra special.

 This little gem is no exception!!

        H&M £14.99

How amazing is this clutch, neon colour, studs, removable chain, what more can a girl want. Not only is it perfectly on trend, it's really inexpensive too. I think with a discount code I got it for around £11, bargain. It's so fun, which is what fashion should be some times right? I'm all for classic pieces, but I still like a few, quirky out there items. I can't wait to use it on holiday. I wonder if it glows in the dark haha.

Are you a fan of neon, or it it a bit too bright for you? What are your favourite trends right now?

 XOXO Claire
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