21 May 2013

Lifestyle: Florida 2013

  Guess who's back.... it's me.
Long time no speak, I hope you're all well. It's been quite a while since I last posted, nearly four weeks to be precise. What? it's insane how quickly time flies by, I've already been home a week. Here are a few pictures from my trip to Florida, I'm a really bad photographer so I don't have too many to show you, but here they are anyway.

Airport appropriate outfit:
On the way to the airport we experienced sunshine, rain and snow, very bizarre weather, but this comfy jumper kept me warm, I obviously took it off at the other end though haha. If you follow me on Instagram you may know that I cut my hair a few days before I left, well it was a godsend, so much easier to deal with. I curled my hair the night before and it looked so lovely and tousled. All holiday I had no hair worries.

Love these sandals, though they did end up giving me blisters after a long day of traveling, so I definitely recommend using Vaseline, a definite holiday essential. Just in case you were wondering the nail polish on my toes is China Glaze Pool Party.  
| All aboard, 100 different films to choose from = heaven (I chose Skyfall and The Hobbit) | About to land | Time for breakfast, sugar coma haha | Gorgeous Villa view |
| Pool |
| My beauty station | Men and their cars lol, (actually I quite like it shhhh ) | Brunch, so delicious but I had trouble finishing it. Sourdough bread is a new favourite.

| Hello sunshine, want to come home with me? | Steak!!! yumm | Selfi, Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray. |  Cheeky squirrel in the outlet mall, I found some gems in the cco too, more on those to come. |
| Sephora, need I say more | Free bread & oil dip, yuumm. | Nail polish, I finally got my hand on the infamous Sally Hanson Barracuda. | Pizzzza |
 | We had to see the man, one word, amazing. | Saw the trailer for The Hangover 3, looks fab, plus my mum liked the look of it, times are a-changing haha. | So pretty, I want to live there. |
| Gorgeous flowers | My mum developed a liking for myties, they taste like jelly babies, at least to me haha. | If you ever go to Bradenton in Florida, you must go to St Armands Circle, Tommy Bahamas does the best burger you will ever have!! |
 Can I just be American already, I think I qualify? | Had my first taste of frozen yogurt, very yummy | Beautiful sunset, ahhhh I miss it so much.| I bought so much yummy goodies back, though most of it has been devoured, I'm sad to say. |

I'm so sad to be back on British soil, as much as I missed Daisy, my family and friends I really feel like Florida is my second home. I feel so at ease there, sob. Hopefully the sun will come back out again, at least for my birthday (3 June) which is in a few weeks, fingers crossed.

I did tons of shopping while I was there so you can definitely expect a haul or two coming, I also ordered some things from Space NK, so... I was having a bad day and had no willpower and post holiday blues had set in, plus they were doing the most amazing gift with purchase. Yep I'm one of those gullible people, but it is my birthday soon so it's a present to myself.

I've discovered quite a lot of new & old products over the last month, so my May favourites will be jam-packed, stay tuned. I'm also thinking of doing a holiday/travel beauty product must have/essentials kind of post, so let me know if that's something you might be interested in seeing.

Right I'm going to go, I need to find my camera charger so I can take my haul pictures, until next time...

XOXO Claire
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