3 June 2013

NOTD | Nails Inc Royal Botanical Gardens Nail Polish

About a month ago I picked up the Nails Inc Spring/Summer 2013 Mini Set for my holiday and I couldn't wait to try out a few of the colours, especially the gorgeous mint green. I knew as soon as it was time to remove the Neon Ombre from my nails that this was my next polish choice. I've only tried one Nails Inc polish before, so I'm still on the fence about the brand's formula and I thought this polish could help me decide.

Nails Inc Royal Botanical Gardens Nail Polish Swatch
Nails Inc Nail Polish Swatch
| Nails Inc Royal Botanical Gardens, Spring/Summer 2013 Mini Collection |

I really wanted to love this polish, I mean just look at the colour, but unfortunately I just couldn't get to grips with the formula. It was so difficult to apply, really streaky and gloopy. The brush dragged across the nail and every imperfection showed through. To get my nails to look this opaque it took 4 coats, and took such a long time, I had to remove it completely from a few nails and start again.

They looked ok (ish) after I'd applied my trusty Seche Vite, but it just wasn't working for me. It took so much time, I'd just had enough in the end and a few hours later decided to remove it, very disappointing.

I know Nails Inc are loved by a lot of people which is fine, but I'm sorry to say I'm not a fan, I much prefer Essie, OPI and Models Own. I find they work so much better on my nails.

Are you a fan of Nails Inc polishes, or do you like me, find them hard to work with?

 XOXO Claire



  1. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a lovely day xx

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you're having a lovely day! :)

  3. That colour is just WOW... I'm not one for blues on my nails, but I'm seriously, seriously tempted xx

    1. I have so many different varieties of blue/green, I definitely think it's my favourite nail polish colour haha :-)

  4. And OMG I just saw the link to the minis - I need those!!!!!!!!
    Happy Birthday my lovely one, hope that you're enjoying the sun xxxx

    1. Haah, thank you so much Chloe, why couldn't it have been this nice yesterday??? :-)

  5. Happy Birthday Claire! I hope you have a lovely day!

    I'm honestly not a huge fan of Nails Inc, I really don't like the formula and I find that when I'm using them I feel like I'm using cheap nail polish. This colour however is gorgeous!

    Mollie xo

    1. Awww thank you Mollie, I felt exactly the same way, some of the Models Own polishes have a better formula and cost half the price. :-)

  6. Such a gorgeous colour! So summery!



  7. maybe you just got a bad bottle?


  8. Aww man it's such a shame it was so hard to work with because the colour really is beautiful!!

    Also...Happy Birthday :)

    Holly Mixtures

  9. Claire, I know its too late .... but... Happy Birthday! :)

    Thanks for your review!

    I found it on google after buying the same collection today... Roal botanical gardens was the first color I tried. The thing is, Nails inc is my favorite nail polish company but today I realised I never tried their 'light' colors, I only tried dark ones! Essie is was better for nudes, 100 %. I just never realised that! I ude nail inc base and topcoats and absolutely love them. Its weird how their formulas are different for lighter and darkey shades!

    Will write a review today and complain to nails inc.


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