30 July 2013

NOTD | Butter London Fiver Nail Polish

This nail polish has been in my collection for a few months and I thought it was about time it had it's moment to shine. I've tired a few Butter London polishes in the past and they tend to be a bit hit and miss, so I didn't know what to expect.

Butter London Fiver Nail Polish

Fiver is a beautiful icy mint colour from the spring/summer collection. I'd had my eye on this particular colour for ages but it was always sold out. I think mint colours are always big sellers, which I can definitely understand, I'm a big fan myself, obviously haha.

As for application, I will be honest, I was a bit disappointed. The first coat went on very streaky and though a few of my nails looked fine after 2 coats, I had to do 3 just to make sure it they were all opaque. I always find light colours really hard to apply, no idea why, are you the same? My cuticles never look very neat. I love the colour but I didn't like the formulation.

Butter London nail polishes are quite pricey coming in at £14 each, though they don't contain as many nasty ingredients as some nail polishes do. Overall I would say this particular polish probably isn't worth the money, despite the gorgeous colour (sad face).

However I do think that if you love a colour so much, the had work of applying it, is worth it, what do you guys think?

Are you a Butter London fan? How do you find the formula?

XOXO Claire


  1. Wow, this is such a beautiful colour. It'd look great with a tan too :)


    1. It really would look stunning with a tan, same I don't tan, I just go pink haha ;-)

  2. That colour is beautiful!!!!

    Jayne x


    1. I love it, it's definitely worth the work ;-)

  3. The shade is gorgeous! I wish I could pull it off too.


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