4 July 2013

Product Review: Stila In The Moment Eyeshadow Palette

It's no secret how much I love my Stila In The Light palette, I hate admit it, but I think I may love it more than both my Naked palettes, there I said it. So it was a real surprise when I wandered into Ulta on holiday and came face to face with a whole row of Stila palettes. I had no idea they did more than one, doh (bad beauty blogger). After I'd pulled myself together, I had to make the ultimate blogger decision, which one do I pick up?

There are in fact 4 palettes altogether, In The Light, In The Garden, In The Know and the one I ended up choosing, In The Moment. Believe me, it was tough decision I only allowed myself one and I was covered in swatches, but this one definitely stood out to me, I had to have it.
Stila In The Moment Palette

Stila In The Moment Palette
Stila In The Moment Palette
 Stila In The Moment Palette:

From left to right we have: 
Instinct: A shimmery creamy-white.
Impulse: A soft lilac-pink.
Glance: A blue toned purple.
Improvise: A dark purple.
Catalyst: A shimmery black.
Desire: A matte bone colour.
Wonder: A shimmery nude.
Spontaneous: A golden brown.
Whim: A red-brown colour.
Captivate: A shimmery dark brown.

This palette also comes with a smudge stick waterproof eyeliner in Tetra. Let me show you some swatches before I say anything else.
Stila In The Moment Palette Swatches
Stila In The Moment Palette Swatches
Stila In The Moment Palette Swatches
 How stunning is this palette, it's such a gorgeous selection of easy to wear naturals with a few darker colours to amp up any nighttime look. The majority of the colours have shimmer, with the lighter colours being a little more matte.

The pure pigmentation of this palette is amazing and all the shadows are so buttery soft and really easy to blend. They can sometimes leave a little fallout but I think that's because they are, so soft. £25 for 10 beautiful shadows that you can create an abundance of looks with = priceless. The two colours that stand out to me most are definitely Spontaneous and Wonder, I think they would look so pretty together.

The one tiny thing that could be improved on is the packaging, it is a bit flimsy, but that's not the end of the world. It's small, compact and way easier to lug around than the UD Naked palettes in my opinion.

I can't wait to use this palette, let me now if you are a fan of the Stila palettes and which one is your favourite. I may now have my eye on the In The Know Palette, uh oh haha.

Lastly I want to wish all my American readers a Happy 4th of July!!

XOXO Claire


  1. This looks absolutely beautiful! I agree with you that Wonder is stunning, and Improvise is definitely catching my eye too. I bet it would add something different to a smokey eye look :D

    Mollie xo

  2. Ah pretty colours! I have In the Know palette and it's my most used! In the Garden is next on my list :)

  3. Spontaneous and Wonder look like they'd be my favourites too! I agree, I think they'd look lovely together.

    Maxine, xx

  4. Thanks for the happy 4th wishes. I love Stila so much, and the Nordstrom anniversary sale is soon, so I might just pickup the In the Moment palette whilst there!



  5. I only knew they did In The Light as well - haha don't worry! This palette looks lovely, I'd love to see all four palettes together and compare the shades, but I know I wouldn't know which one to choose! xx

  6. I've heard awesome things about this line of palettes...beautiful swatches and photos! Thanks so much for the review!!

  7. Oooh Spontaneous is beautiful!! Looks like a gorgeous palette :)

    Holly Mixtures

  8. I highly recommend the Stila In the Know palette as it is so beautiful trust me! I know this sounds strange but the eyeshadows also have a lovely scent. I ♡ the Stila In the Know palette ☆☆☆

  9. I recommend the Stila In the Know palette as it is so beautiful. I know this might sound strange but the eyeshadows also have a lovely scent! I haven't tried the In the Moment palette but I ♡ the Stila In the Know palette ☆ ☆ ☆


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