13 September 2013

Fashion Edit: The Bling Ring

I adore jewellery, in particular necklaces and earrings. I've never normally been a ring fan mainly because I suffer from sausage finger syndrome. Why oh why can't I take after my mum. This normally means I stay well clear of any ring bling, despite how much I would love to own a Pandora ring. That being said, I was browsing H&M recently and I saw a cutest set of gold rings, and thought why not, I'm going to embrace my chunky digits. So I ordered them and here they are in all their glory, now, please be nice to my sausage hands haha!

H&M £3.99

This set comes with 9 rings in different widths and is also available in silver. They were so inexpensive and can really add something to your outfit. I can also confirm that they don't turn your fingers green, always a plus, haha. I'm definitely coming around to expanding my ring collection.

Are you a ring fan, if not, what is your accessory of choice?

XOXO Claire
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