30 October 2013

How To: Easy Halloween Nail Art Ideas

I'm not really the biggest Halloween fan, don't get me wrong I'm definitely a chocolate and sweets girl and completely take advantage of stuffing my face haha, but I'm not one for dressing up, I didn't even like it as a child. I think I was a witch once and that was it. I do however like to dress up my nails. Nail art is fast becoming one of my favourite things to do on an evening, so on Sunday I decided to have a little play around and come up with a few (not so scary) Halloween inspired nail art looks.

Easy Halloween Nail Art Ideas
I really enjoyed doing these swatches, I know they aren't the most creative, I'm definitely not a nail art aficionado, but they were the best I could come up with. Simple, very easy and they don't require a tonne of different colours.

Scary Mummy
Mummy| Essie Liquorish
    Eve Snow Opium

Spooky Spider
 Spooky Spider| Essie Fear & Desire
          Models Own Black Nail Art Pen
      Eve Snow Opium

Frankenstein| Essie The More The Merrier
          Models Own Black Nail Art Pen
       Eve Snow Opium

Dracula| Essie Twin Sweater Set
      Models Own Black Nail Art Pen
     Eve Snow Opium

        Ghost| Models Own Black Nail Art Pen
       Eve Snow Opium

Dexter Inspired
        Dexter Inspired| Essie Twin Sweater Set
         Models Own Red Alert
 Eve Snow Opium
            Models Own Black Nail Art Pen

Nothing ground breaking I know, but it is all about having fun, am I right?

Let me know which is your favourite? Are you a Halloween fan or are you just in it for the chocolate haha, like me?

XOXO Claire


  1. Have only just discovered your blog Claire and love reading your posts.....although since I started I have spent more money than I should on some of your recommended beauty products!!!
    As for Halloween, I'm more like you, love the sweets and choccies mainly but the kids love getting dressed up to go trick or treating. I just like raiding their stash when they get back!! Xx

    1. Awww thank you, oops haha. I think blogging has that effect on use because I'm the same :)

  2. The Frankenstein ones and Dexter inspired nails are so creative/cute! If I had all the colors I would have totally tried these out <3
    -B ♡ MsBerryStylish 

  3. I LOVE the frankenstein ones!! might just have to give these a go!! :) xx


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