26 November 2013

Autumn Beauty Edit: The Sweater Weather Tag

I've seen the sweater weather tag popping up quite a lot in my Bloglovin feed recently, so as I love Autumn so much I though I would do it myself and spread a bit of Autumn cheer.

The Sweater Weather Tag
Mac Rebel Lipstick
1. Favourite Candle Scent?
This one is easy, Christmas Cupcake by Yankee Candle. I love food scents, especially anything cake related. Confession time, I don't actually light my candles (I have a bit of a phobia) I just leave the lids off so the scent can waft around the room.

2. Coffee, Tea Or Hot Chocolate?
This one is tough, though I am a Yorkshire girl and we love a good cuppa, hot chocolate with all the trimmings is definitely up my street on a cold night.

3. Which Trend Do You Prefer, Winged Eyeliner Or Dark Lips?
Dark lips all the way, I've yet to master winged eyeliner or any kind of liner really, so it's berry lips for me, Mac Rebel in particular!

4. Favourite Thanksgiving Food?
This one is tricky because I don't actually celebrate Thanksgiving so I will give you a few of my "favourite" Christmas foods instead. Turkey covered in gravy and I mean covered, think puddle haha.

5. What's The Autumn Weather Like Where You Live?
Cold & wet, not very appealing really.

6. Most Worn Sweater/Jumper?
Ok, so this striped number form New Look might not be my most worn because it's a new edition, but it's definitely the prettiest jumper I own.

7. Must Have Nail Polish For Autumn?
OPI Rising Star & OPI Just A Little Rosti At This (notd link), such gorgeous colours and definitely two of my favourites for Christmas.

8. Skinny Jeans Or Leggings?
 For me it's comfort, comfort, comfort! I don't even own any skinny jeans, so leggings.

9. Combat Boots Or Uggs?
Hate them all you want, but no-one can deny how snuggly Uggs are. I have a pair that are almost 5 years old and are still going strong, need I say more!

10. Is Pumpkin Spice Worth The Hype?
I'm ashamed to say I've never tried pumpkin, so I can't say.

11. Favourite Fall/Autumn TV Show?
The Walking Dead is definitely top with me at the moment, it's amazing. I also recently got into Game Of Thrones which I now love! The Vampire Diaries & Pretty Little Liars will always have my heart. I could go on all day, I'm a bit of a TV fiend.

12. What Song Gets You Into The Fall/Autumn Spirit?
All of Taylor Swifts Red album, and old school Christmas tunes, think Wham haha, cheesy yes, do I love it? you bet!

I tag all of you to do this, so if you do, leave the link below so I can have a read. What are your favourite TV shows to watch in the autumn or just in general? I'm always looking for new recommendations.

XOXO Claire
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