18 December 2013

Beauty Products I've Used Up | Empty Products #5

It's been quite while since my last Empty Products post, but I've still been chugging away trying to use up that last drop of product, here are the things I can finally throw away haha!

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Review
Caudalie Cleansing Water.
I picked up this cleansing water because I was interested to see how other brands compared to my beloved Bioderma. This particular one was ok, but I did find that it left behind a bit of residue on my skin. I think it would suit people with dry skin more.
Re-purchase | No
Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume.
I'm so sad to see this perfume come to an end, it's probably my all time favourite and it smells amazing, though I wouldn't say it was as floral as the name would suggest, but each to their own. If you get the opportunity to sniff this scent, do it!
Repurchase | Absolutely

Bioderma Sensibio H2O.
This should come as no surprise, this the third or forth bottle I've finished now and my love for this cleansing water shows no sign of slowing down! You can read my review in full here.
Repurchase | I can't live without a backup of this stuff.

Mac Clear Brow Gel.
This brow gel was an impulse purchase. I have serious brow issues and I need to stick those suckers down, this particular one worked, but I wouldn't say it worked any better than some cheaper alternatives.
Repurchase | No, too overpriced.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold.
 This product was, I'm sad to say a big disappointment. I didn't find that it did anything special to my skin and it may have even caused me to break out.
Repurchase | Um, no.

Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser.
Finding a cleanser that is hydrating and that gives your skin a good cleanse is quite a task, but this one from Alpha-H is really nice. It's very creamy and made my skin feel lovely and clean.
Repurchase | Possibly in the future.

Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Conditioner.
This conditioner has been in my collection for ages, I don't even remember when I bought it, oops. I don't think it did anything special to my hair, it's pretty average.
Repurchase | No

I do have a few other products that are on their last legs, so I expect there will be another one of these posts coming in the not too distant future.

Have you tried any of the products I've mentioned, What are your opinions of the Liquid Gold?

XOXO Claire


  1. I love that perfume, im counting down the days untill christmas when i can have it back in my life it's too expensive for my poor student bank account to buy for myself haha x

    1. It is expensive but oh is it worth it, I'll cross my fingers for you ;-)

  2. Finally someone who agrees with me about liquid gold. It made me break out, not a fan at all! x

    1. It really was so disappointing, I had such high hopes but it definitely broke me out :(

  3. All these products sound great, it's a shame that Liquid gold didn't work for you, I absolutely love the stuff! I can't live without Bioderma either!


    1. Different products work for different people I guess, I'm sure there's something out there in the similar vain that will work for me, I just need to find it haha :)

  4. I'm using the Caudalie cleansing water right now and I'm enjoying it! Though of course I can't live without my Bioderma as well :) Sorry to hear Liquid Gold was just a disappointment. I find it quite strong and only use it infrequently. I'd love to welcome Flowerbomb into my perfume collection - it is to pricey though.

    1. Oooh you have to try Flowerbomb it's absolutely stunning, definitely worth the money :)


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