3 March 2014

Beauty Edit: First Aid Beauty & Lush Skincare Haul

I completely blame these recent skincare purchases on the weatherman. My skin has been going crazy recently, it can't decide if it's dry, or oily. Plus to boot, I've had pesky spots popping up left, right and centre! The combination of dodgy skin and an insatiable urge to try new products inevitably lead to me buying a few things.

First Aid Beauty Skincare Haul
For my little spot issue I ordered the Lush Grease Lightning £5.95 & Lush Tea Tree Water 100g £3.95 hopefully both of these products will help dry up and send those unwanted zits on their way, fingers crossed. I'm not very familiar with Lush skincare, but the majority of reviews I've read have been pretty positive, so I'm optimistic.

A brand I've been hearing a bit about lately is First Aid Beauty, especially from American bloggers. Just browsing their line definitely intrigued me (which is not necessarily a good thing, for my wallet anyway). Anything with the word mask gets put in my basket and the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Oatmeal Mask £17.50 sounded amazing, oatmeal in face mask..sold! It was expensive even with a discount code, but oh well.

 First Aid Beauty FAB Faves To Go Kit £20
Which contains:
Facial Radiance Pads
Ultra Repair Cream
Facial Cleanser
This kit was intended for my trip to London last week, but that actually had to be canceled because my mum hurt her back, don't worry shes almost recovered. Though it did teach her a lesson, don't fluff up cushions, it will put you out of action for two weeks, hehe. Ok back to business, this set compiled all three products I wanted to try, so it seemed like a good deal. I will of course let you know at a later date.

My last purchase was a total Estee enabled jobbie, seriously that girl is making me broke. I have to say though just opening the lid of the Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream £26.99 sold me, it smells like cinnamon doughnuts, need I say more!

I really love buying skincare, maybe more than make up. It's a disease, I know. But my reasoning is, look after your skin while you're young and you will hopefully have less maintenance to do as you get older! That's my excuse anyway.

Are you a Lush skincare fan? What brand do you rely on to help keep your skin in check?

XOXO Claire
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