28 March 2014

March 2014 Beauty Favourites

Happy Spring, we can finally celebrate as the nice weather is nearly here. The change in season obviously means a new selection of beauty products to play with, here are a few that really stood out to me this month.

If you're after a matte coral blush with the most amazing staying power, look no further. This blush is absolutely stunning it's so pigmented, but it's how it sits on the skin that really impressed me. It literally lasts all day, in fact I actually think this might be one of those blushes that improve as the day goes on, I know, strong statement but I'm just that impressed!

Lush Roots Hair Treatment
I've been having a few scalp issues recently, so I picked up this treatment to see if it would be any help, and it really has. It's supposed to stimulate the scalp and hair follicles. I can't really tell whether my hair's growing rate has improved, but it really soothes my scalp. It feels so cooling and slightly tingly, but not in an uncomfortable way. It's perfect if you have a sore, itchy, problematic scalp and if it makes your hair grow faster, well, that's just an added bonus.

Caudalie Grape Water
You know how much I love the Caudalie Beauty Elixir, but the high alcohol content did start to make me wonder how it would affect my skin as it's currently a little dry. So I decided to find an alternative and this beauty is a dream! It gives your skin a fine mist of cool refreshing water that hydrates and soothes your skin while giving it a little glow. I have the mini size now, but I will definitely be ordering the full size when I've finished this one.

Orbie Maximista
When I choose to blowdry my hair I always spritz a bit of this product in my roots, it guarantees maximum volume, hence the name! It really lifts the roots and gives you va va voom hair, I absolutely love it. It's not cheap but the bottle is huge so it will last quite a while. If you're after big hair, try this baby.

L'Oreal Perfection Colour Riche Nail Polishes
 I'm sure these will be no surprise if you've read the majority of my posts this month, I've been going gaga over these pretty polishes! If you're out of the loop you can read all about them here.

I've really been into exfoliation recently, be it manual or chemical. These pads were a bit of an impulse buy, honestly I liked the packaging which I know is not necessarily grounds to buy something but I actually really like them. They're gentle on the skin while still giving enough exfoliation, in fact they are gentle enough to use everyday. I've definitely noticed that my skin looks more refreshed and brighter after I used these little pads.

Again I'm sure this little sponge's appearance will be no surprise, it's fabulous at applying foundation, I could go on all day!

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette (not pictured)
Last but not least, this palette deserves an honorable mention, I used it a tonne this month. It would have been photographed but I forgot to include it, oops.

I have a feeling next months favourites will be just as jam packed, Let me know what you've been loving this month? I always love hearing your recommendations.

XOXO Claire
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