26 April 2014

Beauty Edit: The Lipstick Always Fits!

I love fashion, I always get so excited every season seeing the influx of new pretty colours, silhouettes and prints, especially at this time of the year. Despite my love of clothes, clothes don't love me. Lets state the obvious, I'm not your average size 8-10 fashion blogger. I am on the curvy side and finding clothes that accentuate the good parts (not that there's many) and hide the bad parts is hard work.

I think that's why I love beauty products so much, you don't have to slim down to fit into them. I don't now about you but when I've spent a little time applying a few of my favourite make up items I definitely feel more confident. Which is something I don't often feel when I pick out my clothes in the morning.

What Makes You Feel Confident?

Now I'm not saying you need to wear make up to feel confident, sometimes something as simple as doing a face mask or painting your nails can make you feel good. Which is what's it's all about, you feeling good about yourself!

Clothes may not always fit, but the lipstick always will!

What makes you feel confident?

XOXO Claire
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