10 May 2014

Beauty Edit: Are Some Fashion And Beauty Trends Overrated?

I try not to get wrapped up about the latest trends but sometimes it's hard especially with celebrity culture, digital media, social media.. the list goes on. There always seems to be a rush to try the newest "in" thing, today I decided to give you a rundown of a few trend's that in my opinion are a little overdone or just plain hideous.

Now I'd like to state that this is just my opinion if you love anything I mention that's fine, you rock them, everyone is different and allowed to have their own views!

Beauty And Fashion Trends
 The Stiletto Nails:
Now I am a bit of a nail girl, which I'm sure you all know by now, but this is one trend I can't get on board with. I just get visions of the ghost from The Black Cauldron, (shudder!)

Mom Jeans:
Topshop is the place to go for most people to shop the newest clothing trends, with the "Mom Jeans" being a huge hit, personally they are not for me. I think they only seem a accentuate hips and bums which for me are definitely not body parts I want on show, not cute! I will be sticking to my super soft, jeggins.

 Dip Dye Hair:
 This is one trend that I think has been done to death, I liked it at first but I just think it's getting a bit dull.

Ombre Lips:
This is one trend that I think looks really cool on the runway or in editorial pictures but it's not very practical for everyday wear or even a party. I think if I turned up with my lipstick like this people would think I've lost my mind, or that my lipstick had gone off haha.

What are some of your least favourite trends? Also let me know what trends you do like, always end on a positive note.

XOXO Claire
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