19 May 2014

Summer Beauty & Fashion Haul | Boots & Primark

I went shopping recently, to pick up a few holiday essentials (ok, some of these things aren't exactly essentials but you get my drift) so I thought I would show them to you. 

Lets start with the beauty things seeing as this is primarily a beauty blog. Boots have so many new releases at the moment which when combined with a 3 for 2 offer.. lets face it some damage was gonna be done, it's inevitable!

Essie Nail Polish Haul
L-R: Models Own Beach Bag, Essie Fashion Fairground, Essie Romper Room, Essie Truth Or Flare, Essie Hide & Go Chic, Models Own Matt Topcoat.

New Essie collection, 3 for 2 did you really think I was going to be able to resist? Just look at those colours! The new neon orange from Models Own, oh boy! I'm obsessed with this colour, for example I've just bought 3 tops in the same colour, do you think I have a problem? haha. There are a few other things missing but I will be doing a separate post all about them so look out for that coming soon.

Now the beauty stuff is out of the way lets indulge in some ice cream, so to speak. I don't venture into Primark that often probably once every 6 months and while I think their clothing is very hit and miss, in my opinion it's their accessories where they really shine.

Spring Primark Haul 2014
Spring Primark Haul 2014
Ice Cream Striped Scarf
Turquoise, Peach & White Clutch
Flower Printed Wire Headband
Pearl Hairband
Turquoise Textured Clutch

Just look at this gorgeous selection, it's what pastel dreams are made of. I had little heart palpitations when I spotted the scarf and clutches, dramatic? me, no haha. Good job Primark!

Have you picked up anything good recently?

XOXO Claire
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