25 June 2014

Summer Beauty Edit: Crazy For Neon!

Is there a particular colour that you're just drawn to? Do you have a signature summer shade? Well, I've been going gaga over neon, more specifically neon orange! The majority of my summer wardrobe consists of this love it or hate it hue. My obsession has even moved into accessories, like my new summer purse that is practically swoon worthy!

Mac Morange Lipstick
Models Own Beach Bag Nail Polish, Mac Morange Lipstick
Monki Miracle Neon Purse
Models Own Beach Bag Nail Polish
Mac Morange Lipstick

This nail polish from Models Own was my "Holiday" polish, it's so bright and fun plus it really intensifies a tan (not that I got much of one haha, gradual tanner all the way baby). I was scrolling though the ASOS website as usual and my eyes clocked this beautiful purse from Monki, did I need another purse? No, but I couldn't just leave it behind, it was so inexpensive I had to have it! Lastly if you're looking for a bright lipstick, look no further, this gem from Mac has you covered. It has amazing pigmentation and lasting power, what more can you want for a statement summer lippie?

Are you a neon fan? If not what is your "it" colour for summer?

XOXO Claire
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