11 August 2014

My New Ashley Benson (From Pretty Little Liars) Inspired Haircut

I've been thinking about taking the chop for a while, but I'm bit of a procrastinator. My hair had just got to that stage where it needed a good cut. I went one step feather and said "lop it off, I need a change". My inspiration was Ashley Benson's from Pretty Little Liars Company cover.

My New "Ashley Benson Inspired" Haircut
My New "Ashley Benson Inspired" Haircut
My New "Ashley Benson Inspired" Haircut
Ashley Benson From Pretty Little Liars
I've been a massive Pretty Little Liars fan from the beginning and Hanna was always, and still is my favourite character. I think it's because we both have the same super sarcastic sense of humor. She's a babe! Anywho, as soon as I saw this months issue of Company Magazine, I new I had to just go for it, it was a sign.

It's definitely different, especially as it now barely fits into a ponytail but I think it looks so much bouncier and healthy. Before it just hung there like a pair of curtains, now I feel like it's in more of a style.

Let me know what you think? Are you a PLL fan? Who's your favourite character? Lets take a poll!

XOXO Claire
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