9 February 2015

Fashion Edit: What's In My Handbag? (Updated)

New season = it's time for a bag change! The bag in question is a gorgeous grey drawstring bucket bag, with a faux suede front panel from Boohoo. It was love at first click and it's been by my side ever since. This thing can seriously hold a lot of stuff, but lets see whats inside it today shall we?

What's In My Bag?
What's In My Bag?
What's In My Bag
What's In My Bag?
What's In My Make Up Bag
Bag // Keira Suede Effect Drawstring Duffle Bag // Boohoo //
Purse // Ted Baker Rose Gold Patent Leather Purse //
Phone Case // H&M //
Make Up Bag // Charlotte Tilbury //
Sunglasses // Ray-Ban Wayfarers //
Camera // Panasonic Lumix
Ipod & Headphones //
Notepad & Pen // Sainburys
Hand Sanitiser //
Starburst //
Daisy // Cockapoo // Priceless

Cockapoo, What's In My Make Up BagI was missing a grey bag from my wardrobe and this one is so versatile,  it goes with absolutely everything. Plus it was super inexpensive, not like the MK one I bought a few weeks ago, opps. Until I gather enough courage to take MK out for a spin this one will do the job just fine!

Don't let the cute picture of Daisy fool you, earlier this summer I found her out in the garden with said Ted Baker purse, naughty monkey, luckily it was unharmed. I think she has a penchant for rose gold haha.

P.S I know I'm not the only one who carries around half eaten bags of Starburst am I right? haha.

XOXO Claire


  1. Lovely bag!! You've packed a lot into that! Love that notepad and your dog is adorable <3 xx


  2. Love the bag, and the sweets! I have the Charlotte Tilbury make up bag too :)


  3. It's lovely isn't it, apparently each of the lip prints are of some famous ladies, I have no idea who though :)


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