1 December 2014

Christmas Beauty & Lifestyle Gift Guide Part 1 | £25 & Up

Girls are so hard to shop for, I should know I am one haha. Seriously though, Christmas shopping can be super stressful so I've put together a little gift guide to maybe give you a few ideas so the ladies in your life will be left speechless come Christmas morning. Here we go:

Christmas Gift Guide £25 & Over
Lip Bundle | Mac Lip Liner £12.50 & Lipstick £15  Together £27.50
I think most girls like a good lip product, whether they are a nude fan like Kim K or go for a classic red lip like T Swift. You could buy a lipstick and lip liner to match and tie them up with a bow, I think that would make a fab gift, especially for a girl friend.

6 Month Allure Magazine Subscription £37
I love to read magazines particularly Allure, it's great for us beauty obsessed girls. Magazine subscriptions are a fab present, because it's not necessarily something you would buy for yourself, plus you get something exciting through the post every month.

Origins Superstar Mini Christmas Set £35
Skincare is particularly tricky as everyone has different skin types and issues, but this is where sets like this come in super handy. They allow the person to try out a few different products, decide what they like and then buy the full size, and lets face it mini products are so damn cute!

Whistles Croc Embossed Leather Clutch £40
With the party season upon us every girl needs a clutch and this one is pretty special. It's a classic staple that will go with everything. Every fashion savvy girl would love to find one of these sitting underneath their tree.

Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Set £57
Every girl need a good set of brushes and not only are these exceptional quality and come in a cute pouch, they are also rose gold, need I say more. I may have asked Santa for one of these sets myself.

Jo Malone Cologne Collection £68
This one would be prefect for the sophisticated women in your life who love luxurious fragrances. This set contains 5 mini classic Jo Malone scents including their new release wood sage and sea salt. Christmas is definitely the time to discover a new signature scent.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera £69.99
Who doesn't love creating memories and this camera combines the old school Polaroid style with high definition quality and it's pink, what more can a girly girl ask for? I think one of these would definitely be on Elle Woods Christmas list don't you?

Hopefully this post gave you a few ideas, I do have a few more posts coming up with even more ideas, so look out for those. I would love to know what's currently on your wishlist for Santa, I'm such a nosy bunny.

XOXO Claire


  1. The Instax mini is hopefully one of the things I should be getting this year but in blue :) It's soo good, my friend has one and it is just lovely to be able to take a photo one minute then actually be able to hold it the next.


  2. Such a great selection Claire! I love you added a bit of girly tech in there with the pink polaroid camera! And of course, I love all the beauty bits as well!


  3. Really want that instax mini camera! xx

    Abi | abistreetx.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Ooh I'll cross my fingers for you, I have one myself and it's fab :)

  5. Aww thank you Alexandra, there is so much amazing stuff out there it was hard to narrow down :)

  6. It's makes such a great present, it's slighting addicting :)


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