5 April 2015

Lifestyle: Things Only Teens From The 2000's Will Remember!

It's so weird to think of babies being born into the world of Netflix, Spotify and Instagram, I mean now some 6 year olds have Iphones for crying out loud, times have certainly changed. I thought it would be fun to take a stroll down memory lane and reminisce about things that only Teens from the 2000's would remember..

Things That Only Kids From The 2000's Will Remember
# Baby Spice's pigtails, the less hair the better (not a good look).
# Replaying Aqua's Aquarium album over and over again, to my dad's dismay "I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie world.."
# Straighteners took over the world, as did Avril's poker straight, if slightly greasy hair. Again I'm guilty of this look ( though not the greasy part.)
# A Juicy tracksuit was the hottest thing to be seen in.
# You wore all your accessories like Lizzie Maguire, who else loved that show?
# Marissa Cooper was definitely your TV fashion and beauty icon after 2004, how did that girl have such flawless skin? R.I.P.
#Remember the Playboy bunny bags, yep I had one, yellow and white (yuck!) That's when I thought Playboy was actually a cartoon bunny, not naked ladies.
# Back in the day, before Iphones took over the world the Motorola Razer was where it was at, I had the light pink one and thought I was so cool haha.
# My first foray into the fragrance world was with the limited edition Spice Girl Impulse body sprays, you may see a theme, yes I was a hardcore Spice fan - no shame here haha.

Hopefully this post satisfied your appetite for the old days. My goodness where does the time go, I'm officially old!

XOXO Claire


  1. Omg i had the flip pink Motorola phone. I begged my mum for it because Paris Hilton had it haha. And i was obsessed with Aqua i had it on repeat on my school trip to France. Good times! ha x

    Laura Kate | Beau La Belle

  2. Oh gosh...this brings back some memories!!x

  3. Haha, ohh the Simple Life faze I knew it well :)

  4. It does doesn't it, maybe a few I would rather forget haha not washing your hair for a few days because it looked cool, not a good luck! :)

  5. Hahaha I love this post! Reminded me of the fact that I had a lime green juicy tracksuit at one stage *CRINGE* haha xx

    Love and Marmalade

  6. You know I was just thinking the other day how much I miss my Motorola flip phone. This post is awesome x

  7. Oh wow haha, I always wanted one but they didn't come in my size at the time, which was probably a good thing :)

  8. Thank you, I loved my flip phone I felt so cool flipping it open haha :)

  9. This took me back, it's strange to think how quickly the world can change.


  10. Haha definitely, some things for the better like the beauty and fashion, though I guess in another 1 years I'll be writing "What was I thinking" :)

  11. Ohhh memories... :) I was obsessed with Marissa and The OC in general! I going to make that quiz! haha


  12. She was my fashion icon back then haha, I was so sad when she died it just wasn't the same, even though she did have her issues :)


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