16 June 2015

Plus Size Fashion Lookbook: Marbella 2015

As my blog is predominantly beauty based I thought it might be fun to change up the content a little bit. I've done a few outfit related posts before just to test the waters and they seemed to be well received, so I figured my holiday to Marbella would be a nice place to start. The key factors I look for in an outfit are comfort (most importantly), they should flatter my ever changing figure and make me feel more confident (and if not just fake it). For me though an outfit is all about the accessories, I think that's why I love handbags so much, there isn't a number in the back that dictates how you should feel about yourself!

Obviously this isn't a fashion blog so the image quality will not be up to fashion magazine standards and I'm definitely not a size six trend setter, but hey I'm human and this is what decided I wear!

Plus Size Fashion Lookbook
Plus Size Fashion LookbookFormula X Unmistakable Nail Polish
Sunglasses // H&M //
Crochet Top // New Look  //
Aztec Shorts // Matalan  //
Bag // Steve Madden (via TJMaxx 2 Years Ago) //
Ring // ASOS //
 Bar Earrings // Warehouse //
Studded Sandals // New Look //

I have quite a few pairs of these shorts, they're super comfortable and come in lots of cute prints. Lets face it, not everyone can wear tiny booty shorts so this is a nice alternative for us girls who are a bit self-conscious of their thighs.

Plus Size Fashion Lookbook H&M Mirrored Sunglasses
Sunglasses // H&M //
Top // George (Last Year) //
Acid Wash Shorts // Matalan //
Bag // Boohoo // 
Nail Polish // China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy //

My two new current obsessions are these gorgeous reflective sunglasses from H&M (so inexpensive) and this purple fringe duffel bag which I found in the Boohoo sale. I normally go for more neutral toned bags in either black or tan, so this one was a little different and added a lovely pop of colour (not that I really needed it haha) Plus it only cost a tenner!
Plus Size Fashion Lookbook
Jumpsuit // Matalan (Last Year ) // 
Belt // New Look //
Cat Eye Sunglasses // New Look // 
Bag // Boohoo //
Sandals // Matalan //

I'll be honest, this picture isn't doing this jumpsuit any justice accompanied by my lovely bitch face haha, but it's so comfy (check) and can be dressed up or down depending on the accessories.

Plus Size Fashion Lookbook
Formula X Unmistakable Nail Polish
Dress // Primark (3/4 Years Ago) //
Necklace // ASOS //
Sunglasses // H&M // 
Nail Polish // Formula X Unmistakable //
Sandals // Matalan //

This stripy dress has been in my wardrobe for ages, it's always one I pull out for holidays as it's versatile and again really comfy. I've also been loving delicate gold jewelery, like this double chain hexagon necklace, it's so pretty when it catches the light.

Let me know if you would like me to continue doing these kind of posts, I'm always interested to know what you guys think. I also have a post coming up featuring all my holiday beauty essentials, so stay tuned for that.

P.S Sorry again for my bitch face in some of the pictures haha, I still find posing quite a challenge, if you can't tell!

XOXO Claire


  1. Loving the jumpsuit on you, you look great. I still hate posing for outfit posts aha I always look so awkward.



  2. Lovely outfits Claire! I love that jumpsuit! :) xx

  3. Aww thank you, that's nice of you to say! I really dont know how other girls do it, I fell like such an idiot :)

  4. Aww thank you Almu, they aren't the easiest thing to get off but ohh are they comfortable, plus they hide a sizable food baby haha :)

  5. I love the last outfit on you, you look gorgeous!!!


  6. Aww thank you that's very sweet of you! :)

  7. Thank you, it's so comfortable perfect for when you feel bloated! :)

  8. I am loving that jumpsuit and the dress. You look amazing! Nothing wrong with a bit of bitch face aha! - you're totally working it!
    Laura x FloraLooTwo

  9. Aww thank you so much, that means a lot, and I'll definitely embrace my bitch face haha :)


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