24 June 2015

My First "HD Brow" Waxing Experience (With Before & After Pictures)

It's hard to believe I only started taming my god given mono-brow a few years ago. Before I jumped headfirst into the world of trimming, shaping and filling in, I just stuck them down with clear mascara - which works if you have naturally short hairs, but it didn't really work for me and my unnaturally long eyebrow hairs. Fast-forward a few years, when my dearest friend tells me she's just done a HD Brows course. I knew I would be first in line! Around three weeks ago I had them done and thought I would run through the whole process with before and after pictures to boot.

So, why is HD Brows different to regular brow shaping? Well, it's a 45 minute process that tints, waxes, threads, tweezes and shapes your brows into their desired shape. It's such a meticulous process with so much attention to detail I was seriously impressed. First of all I was given a test patch to apply 48 hours before my appointment just to make sure there wasn't an adverse reaction to the colour tint.

Here are my brows, before and after, so let me give you a rundown of my experience.

A picture of my eyebrows after a HD Brows treatmentt
A picture of my eyebrows after my HD Brows Experience
I did have a slight advantage as my brows were done by one of my oldest friends Grace who I trusted implicitly, but I was still a little nervous. It was something I had never had done before and your brows are a pretty prominent feature on your face you know...

So the first thing we did was chat about my brows, where were my main areas of concern, what look was I going for, colour, shape... you get the idea. I decided that I wanted to keep the shape and thickness, but just exaggerate the arch to give a bit of lift to my hooded eyes. The first step was tinting, I stuck with a shade that matched my brows as I didn't want to go any darker. Grace applied the tint then we waited around 5 minutes for it to take, then she simply wiped it off. As you can see the colour isn't too different, very natural ("no Scouse brows round here") and just helps fill in the areas where my hairs are a little lighter.

The next step was waxing, but before she applied the wax, Grace carefully measured my brows with a piece of string to determine where to put the wax and how much hair to remove. I was so impressed by the attention to detail, she would measure after every bit of hair was removed to make sure they were completely even and were the shape I was after. For me the whole waxing process was relatively pain free, in fact, I found it quite a nice sensation (haha I have been told I'm a tad strange!) very satisfying.

Moving on to the step I was most interested in, threading. It's quite an ingenious invention, simply one piece of thread knotted together, talk about simple. The technique however is a little more tricky, it really takes some skill. Threading is basically not that dissimilar to waxing, just the thread pulls the hair from the root in quick succession. It's great at getting all those fine baby hairs or face fuzz as I like to call it haha. On a pain scale, I would say it hurts a little more than waxing as it does pull out a greater surface area of hairs, but again it's so satisfying - plus your make up looks and applies so much smoother afterwards, it's magic!

Tweezing, Finishing Off:
The last and final step was tweezing any stray hairs that had evaded both the wax and thread, double check the shape and just lightly fill in any sparse areas. I am so unbelievably happy with the results, they look so much neater and more defined just what I was after.

The normal price for HD Brows is £30 (at the time I had mine done they were doing an introductory offer of £20) this may seem like a lot but she spent nearly an hour doing them and, like I said, there was so much attention to detail that, in my eyes, it's 100% worth it. It's knocked 5 minutes off doing my brows in the morning just because they were finally in the right shape.

I hope this post helps you if you're thinking about having HD Brows done, or were intrigued by the whole process. If you have any questions feel free to tweet me or email me, I'd be happy to help.

XOXO Claire


  1. They look amazing, i want eyebrows like that haha :( x

  2. I've always wondered whether it'd be worth getting HD brows done for me so I'm glad I read this post ! Your brows look really great :)


  3. Your brows look amazing!!

    Emily x // EmGrace

  4. Danielle Beautyblog24 June 2015 at 15:52:00 BST

    Your eyebrows look great! I get my eyebrows threaded at the minute but think I might ask about HD brows next time I'm at the beautician!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  5. your brows look so dan good! i want HD brows. I live in manchester so Leeds is a bit too far to travel just for brows. I'm going to google some closer locations cos they look so fab!

    Check out my MAC Lipliner x3 giveaway!

  6. Aww thank you, though they do look a little scary when I wake up in the morning haha :)

  7. Aww thank you, it was such a nice experience, so much less scary than I thought and I will definitely be having it done again :)

  8. Thank you, you should definitely inquire about it, I'm so happy with the results! :)

  9. Awww thank you, Leeds is a tad too far to come for brows haha, but I'm sure there are a tonne of other places that do them :)

  10. Haha never thought of that but very true x

  11. Your brows were already beautiful before but they look absolutely amazing after! Grace did such a great job (I wish I was closer to Leeds :) Thank you for sharing in details your experience! I think I will end up having a HD brow treatment as well, I just need to Google a good salon a trust the person responsible for my treatment. I have never let anyone touch my brows so that will be a little bit stressful! xx

    Alexandra | Glam O’Clock

  12. Awww thank you, your so sweet! My brows are very lucky to have her in my life haha. It is a little nerve racking but if you just ska lot of questions and make sure they understand what you're looking for you should be fine :)


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