8 July 2015

How To: A Pale Girls Guide To Fake Tanning

Hands up if the thought of walking down a sunny, sandy beach with your pale, porcelain skin on show puts the fear of God into you? Ok, hands up if you think the idea of fake tanning, said pale skin sounds even more terrifying? Well a year ago, if you had asked me that very question my hands would have been swaying in the wind! One year on and I've completely changed my tune, in fact I've pretty much added fake tanning into my weekly (summer) routine.

Now don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with pale skin, just look at Emma Stone & Taylor Swift they have gorgeous porcelain skin and look absolutely stunning... Just for me, a bit of colour (I'm not talking Gordie Shore!) just a hint, not only makes me feel slimmer, more importantly, gives me confidence! So, if you're  still a little unsure about the whole tanning concept, I've put together a little tanning 101, to help you on your way. This post might be another long one, so get comfy.

A Pale Girls Guide To Fake Tanning
 There are quite a few directions you can go in to achieve that golden glow, so lets get started with the most obvious choice - The Self Tan:

I've tried a few fake tans but the St Tropez Express Advanced Mousse is by far my favourite. For me the most important thing while using a fake tan is... blending! It's when you miss a bit that things go patchy, so I always use my St Tropez Tan Application Mitt to make application as smooth as possible, plus it stops your palms going orange (big tanning no - no).

I always start with my legs using long sweeping motions, working my way up, leaving my hands and feet till last. Because of the "express" nature of this tan, you can get a gorgeous golden glow in just 3 hours! I leave it the full time and on my skin it lasts about 6 days, though I do top it up with something else (continue reading for that). St Tropez is quite expensive at £33 a bottle, but you do get what you pay for. If that is a little out of your budget, here is a cheaper alternative, that still gets the seal of approval from me.

If a big dose of colour is still a bit too intimidating for you, you might want to try the - Gradual Tan:

Gradual tans are perfect if you want to develop a bit of colour slowly over a few days rather than in just one application. They also tend to be in lotion form which is normally more hydrating than say a mousse. My current choice is the St Tropez Gradual Tan In The Shower which has definitely turned out to be one of those marmite products, some people love it, some people don't. I think it's great at adding a little extra glow in-between tanning sessions, plus it leaves your skin so silky soft. It sounds like it could be a bit of a faff to apply, but you get used to it. First I wash my body, then turn off the shower and while I'm still wet apply the lotion in circular motions. I then wash my hands, pop on my phone timer for exactly three minutes, then wash off. Obviously in the winter this process would not be very pleasant, but it's ok for now. P.S - word on the grapevine is that there is a free bottle of this tanner in the August edition of In Style magazine, go! go!

We can't talk about tanning and not mention a product for the face. In my experience finding the right one that doesn't make you break out or go orange is quite the challenge, luckily the Clarins Radiance - Plus Golden Glow Booster has our backs. It's different to regular face tanners in the sense that instead of applying it directly to the skin, you just add two to three drops into your regular moisturiser. It works overnight to give you a lovely natural glow, that you can control - plus it doesn't interfere with your skincare routine.

Lastly we have the "I need a tan fix asap" Instant Tan:

For those moments when I haven't tanned, plan on wearing a dress and I need a hit of colour fast, I rely on the Rimmel Sunshimmer Instant Tan Medium Matte. It's easy to apply, though it does go on a little dark, but it sheers out once it's rubbed in. It doesn't come of on your clothing and best of all, at the end of the day you can simply just wash it off! It's a great product that's fab if you don't want to commit to the maintenance (I'll get to that in a second) of the other fakes tans.

To maintain an even tan you need both a good - Moisturiser & Exfoliator

I always rely on The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter, the creamy buttery texture keeps my skin as soft as velvet, without feeling sticky and it literally melts into the skin. Soft, hydrated skin is essential to give extra longevity to your tan, which leads me to exfoliation. I'm currently using the Xen-Tan Body Scrub because it doesn't leave an oily residue on the skin and helps get rid of tan build up. Obviously there are others on the market that are a lot cheaper, but this is just the one that I'm using at the moment and we all know how important it is to exfoliate before using any kind of tanning product.

There we have a it a little tanning 101 and a few product reviews thrown in for good measure.

Let me know what your favourite tanning products are? Have you tried the in shower tanner? What did you think?

XOXO Claire


  1. Great post! I've heard mix reviews about the st tropex in shower tanner but really want to try it!

    Emily x // EmGrace

  2. Awesome tips. St. Tropez is the bomb. I'd recommend checking out the Clarins tanning drops too, because you can add them to any body lotion/cream and can customize the depth of colour, too.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  3. Aww thank you Emily, definitely pick up the magazine you can't beat a freebie :)

  4. Aww thank you, I can't believe it too me so long to delve into the tanning world, St Tropez really know their stuff! :)


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