14 July 2015

Nailbox June 2015 Edition

Remember back in the day when beauty boxes rained supreme, time's rolled on since then and there aren't that many around now, but when an email popped into my inbox from a brand called Nailbox asking if I would like to try one of their boxes, I of course jumped at the chance! If you've read this blog post you will know how I feel about nail products, so this box sounded like heaven to me.

First of all let me tell you a bit about Nailbox in case you haven't come across them before. They are a completely nail centered, box service that send out three to four different nail polishes, plus nail tools or treatments every month. For girls who have a love of nail polish, this box is their dream come true! So let me show you what came in the June edition:
Nailbox June 2015 Edition
Nailbox June 2015 EditionTanya Burr Mischief Managed
Nailbox June Box* £12 (A month x12)
Or £15 (For a one off box)

Nails Inc Gel Effect in Colville Mews £15
Essie Roarrrrange £7.99

I was so impressed with the contents of this box, it contains three fantastic quality nail polishes, the nude shade in particular is lovely and opaque, and the cuticle nippers will come in very handy. I really need to start taking better care of my nails, now I have no excuse for jagged cuticles. As for the Seche Vite I've been a huge fan for years, so I'm very happy to have a back up!

Here's Mischief Managed on my nails, it's very opaque, I could have just done one coat (though I did two.)
Tanya Burr Mischief Managed Nail Polish
Now this exact box is sold out, but it just gives you an idea of the quality and value for money. To purchase everything from this box separately it would cost over £50 (wow) talk about bargain!

I also like that the products just come in a bog standard cardboard box, no fancy packaging. Nailbox actually say that they would rather spend money on the products inside than on packaging. Amen to that, there are only so many places you can store pink boxes.

This box is a fantastic way of adding to your nail polish collection, or would make a fab gift!

Right I'm going to paint my nails now! Have you tried Nailbox yet? What do you think of the June box?
                                                                                        *PR Sample
XOXO Claire


  1. Love these colours the bright orange is so perfect for summer/a holiday.

    Check out my latest post <3

  2. The orange shade would look fab on the toes wouldn't it ;)


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