23 July 2015

Product Review: Formula X The System Kit

Being the nail polish addict that I am, I feel it's my duty to get the lay of the land when it comes to the whole nail prep situation. With gel nails becoming ever more popular... it comes down to one thing lasting power! Personally I'm not really a gel fan because I'm forever changing my nail colour, so I definitely need a good, hard wearing top coat. I was strictly a Seche Vite girl (just read my review, to understand!) till I tried this little set from Formula X.
Formula X The System Product Review

Formula X The System Product Review
Formula X Nail PolishesMini Formula X Nail Polishes
Formula X The System // $32 // Link
This set comes with three products that when combined make the perfect nail sandwich, so lets start with the bottom bun (tehe)

 The Cleanse:
 I'm going to be honest, cleansing the nails is never something I've really thought about before, but it's actually quite an important step. Let's think about it... if you have any oil or left over residue on your nails, it will make it harder for a nail polish or base coat to adhere properly, leaving an uneven surface and greater risk of chipping, which is not cute. This cleanser completely dehydrates the nail bed (this sounds scarier than it is) with one coat, leaving nails ready for the next step.

A base coat is essential for helping to protect the nail from staining and create an even canvas. It also gives the polish something to grip onto, adding to the longevity of your polish. This base coat looks red in the bottle, but it does apply clear on the nail.

Time for the actual polish, I chose Formula X Enigma, as you can see from the above pictures I do like my FX polishes, thanks to the mini set I bought last year.
In my opinion the topcoat is the most important step in your manicure routine, period! Not only does it speed up drying time and leave a glossy appearance, it adds durability. I've used this topcoat a handful of times now, with quite a few different polish brands and I have to say the wear time is absolutely fantastic. I can easily go five days without one chip, on a few occasions I've even gone seven days. One thing I will say is that it did go gloopy quite quickly, but because I use quite a thick coat anyway, that doesn't bother me too much. I hate to say it, but Seche Vite has been retired to the back of my drawer and this has been my go-to topcoat for the last month.

 I am so impressed with this kit, it's fab value for money and the products kick ass!

Now, I know I'm being such a tease to those of us who live in the UK (so sorry) as we can't get our hands on the Formula X brand and Sephora doesn't ship nail products.. damn you! But there is a small silver lining, especially if you're going on your holidays to Europe this summer. I bought this set in Spain and I know there are Sephoras in both France and Italy and maybe elsewhere in Europe, so if you happen upon one, definitely pick up this set. Or ask a friend or relative because it's amazing!

What's your favourite topcoat? Have you a favourite Formula X shade?

 Also let's address the elephant in the room, what do you think of my re-design? I figured after five years (it was my fifth blogging birthday last week) my blog needed a serious makeover, so instead of attempting to do something myself, I turned to Pipdig. I'm so impressed with the results, the template was so quick and easy to install. I definitely recommend them if you fancy giving your blog a snazzy new look.

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