16 August 2015

Lifestyle: Get To Know Me (With 20 Random Facts)

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Since my blog name change, where I revealed my actual name haha -  no my name's not Clairabelle nice try though. I thought I would put together 20 random facts, so that you could get to know me and a few of my quirks a little better, especially if you're new to my blog (hello and welcome). So lets get started:
1. Despite my young appearance I'm actually 27 years old. Though people still give me the "is your mum with you" look.

2. I would much rather have a cup of tea than anything alcoholic. My Grandma taught me well.

3. I hate Nandos, yes you heard me right, I'm not a spicy girl!

4. My all time favourite perfume is Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb.

5. I've never seen Dirty Dancing.

6.  If you could mold Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum into one person, that would be my perfect man!

 7. I used to buy around 30 magazines a month, needless to say I don't anymore. Now my reading material is beauty blogs, which is considerably cheaper.

 8. (This one a bit personal, but I thought I should include it) I've suffered from anxiety and depression for over 15 years and sometimes getting out of bed is very tough for me. That's why my blog may go quiet at times, but I do and will always come back to it!

 9. Cake wins over crisps, every time.

10. I love tidying my room and reorganizing it.

11. You won't find me in "Da Club" but you might find me at home in front of Game Of Thrones & The Real Housewives (The OC's my favourite)

 12. Sleeping Beauty is my all time favourite Disney film, I know all the words and am still looking for my Prince Philip.

13. Three of my most hated foods are: Pickles, Coleslaw & Rhubarb. Yuck.

 14. When I was younger I broke my toe running down the stairs right after watching Casualty, an omen or what.

 15. I can't stand One Direction or Justin Bieber, don't hate me.

 16. I don't know how to drive and don't particularly want to learn, I have a serious phobia.

17. I met my oldest friend on my first day of nursery and I still consider her one of my closest friends today.

18. If I could eat pizza everyday for the rest of my life, I totally would. (Bonus: My favourite topping is mushroom)

19. I could watch Bridget Jones everyday, it's my favourite film of all time.

20. To me cold water tastes delicious!

There we go, hopefully you've got to know me a little better, who knows, maybe we have something in common. Now it's your turn, tell me something about you?

XOXO Claire
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