28 August 2015

Beauty Edit: Order Of Business

Who else loves watching other people apply their make up? (No not in a stalker way) I just find it interesting to see the different combinations of products and in what order other ladies apply their warpaint. On the train, public restrooms, make up counters, girl friends, seriously I find it fascinating (I know, I don't get out much haha).

Real Techniques Brushes
So here is the order of how I apply my face:
Primer ( If I can be bothered).
Under-eye concealer.
Conceal those pimples.
Powder the t-zone.
Contour the heck out of my non-extant cheekbones.
Eye primer.
Blend, blend, blend, my eyeshadow.
Highlight (Again, if I can be bothered).
That days lip product of choice.

My favourite step is definitely foundation (especially on a bad skin day, which unfortunately seems to be more often than not lately, but that's another story). Evening out my skintone is a must for me, as I suffer from quite a bit of redness around my cheeks. For me having a good, even canvas, makes applying everything else so much easier. That's where the majority of my time is spent, though I probably spend more time than the average beauty blogger fussing with my mascara, I'm so thankful for spooleys, gone are the days of using tweezers to separate my lashes. (Yes, I did that!)

Now it's your turn, do you apply your make in a different way to me? Are you a beauty stalker too? What is your favourite beauty step?

XOXO Claire

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