28 October 2015

Updated Mac Lipstick Collection (2015)

To me Mac Lipsticks are the epitome of high end lip products, they have such an extensive colour library in a gorgeous array of finishes, there is literally something for everyone. They aren't the cheapest lipstick option out there, coming in at £15.50 - but they are more affordable than say Tom Ford or Charlotte Tilbury. Though I will say that I rarely pay full price for one, I always wait until there's a discount code floating around, or treat myself in duty free.

It's been three years since I put up my first Mac Lipstick Collection post and you could say that my addiction has intensified somewhat. I've only bought one new shade this year, so I call that progress.

Today I thought I would do an updated lipstick collection, plus show you six of my favourite shades, that I think should be in every girls lipstick wardrobe. (If you need a quick refresher of my last collection post from 2012, here you go Brights & Nudes & Pinks)

Mac Lipstick Collection
Mac Lipstick Collection
1. Show Orchid | 2. Full Fuchsia | 3. A Rose Romance | 4. Shy Girl 5. Impassioned 6. Costa Chic | 7. Chatterbox | 8. Vegas Volt | 9. Dreaming Delilah | 10. Please Me | 11. Sweet & Sour | 12. Angel | 13. Morange | 14. Luster | 15. Sail La Vie | 16. Candy Yum Yum | 17. Diva | 18. Pink Nouveau | 19. Hue | 20. Snob | 21. Ever Hip | 22. Colour Crafted | 23. Rebel | 24. A Cut Caper | 25. Lady Danger | 26. Sunny Seoul | 27. Girl About Town | 28. Speed Dial | 29. Russian Red | 30. Insanely It | 31. Viva Glam Gaga | 32. Viva Glam Nicki |

That's the gang, though I didn't realize I had quite so many pink shades, especially for a girl who's obsessed with bright colours like me. If there's a particular shade you would like to see in more detail, just let me know. (I've linked the lipsticks that already have their own separate posts above)

Ok, onto my top six, it was very hard narrowing it down. I have quite a few that I would recommend, but I stuck to my guns and picked three bold shades and three nudes to cover all the bases. I think all six of these shades would be great additions to anyones collection, so lets talk lipsticks:

My Top 6 Mac Lipsticks
Mac Lady Danger, Mac Show Orchid, Mac Rebel, Mac Hue, Mac Please Me, Mac Sunny Seoul

// Mac Lady Danger (Matte) //
When it comes to red lipsticks I always go towards warmer tones, on me they just tend to be more flattering and this shade is dynamite. Plus it's so matte it sticks around all day. This is definitely the perfect summer red, but if you're looking for something more Autumn appropriate, try Russian Red.

// Mac Show Orchid (Amplified) //
This is the shade that set off my love of bright colours. When I bought it, way back when, it was limited edition but now you can pick it up on the Mac website and in Pro Stores. It's not the easiest colour to wear, but when you combine it with the right make up, it looks so pretty.

// Mac Rebel (Satin) //
Every girl needs a dark, vampy berry shade in their collection, especially during the Autumn/Winter months and this shade makes me feel quite the "Rebel" hehe. You can wear it as a pretty wash of colour, or really build it up for a full on berry stain and even though it's not a matte finish it had pretty impressive staying power.

// Mac Hue (Glaze) //
This shade was my first foray into nude lipsticks, and because it sways more towards the pink side of things, it's perfect for those of us who have a fear of the "concealer lips" Plus, as it has a glaze finish is doesn't cling to any dry patches so is a great everyday lipstick, as it's so sheer and glossy.

// Mac Please Me (Matte) //

This colour is one of the newest additions to my collection, as I was in desperate need of a matte pink lipstick. You definitely need to wear a lip balm underneath as it shows every imperfection, but it's such a pretty shade that it's worth it!

// Mac Sunny Seoul (Creamsheen) //
If you're after a creamier everyday lipstick, look no further than this one. It's a gorgeous, coraly pink that's opaque but still has a glossy finish. The Creamsheen formulas aren't renown for their longevity, but as it's a low maintenance colour it's easy to just reapply.

I honestly don't see my obsession with Mac lipsticks wavering any time soon haha. I hope you enjoyed having a look at my collection

What are your must have Mac shades?
Is there a colour your feel is missing from my collection that I need to add to my wishlist?

XOXO Claire


  1. I love Rebel, Hue & Please Me, they're so nice! MAC lipsticks are amazing. Have you tried Creme Cup? It's my absolute favourite pale pink!

    Laura x FloraLooTwo

  2. OOoh, so many gorgeous lipsticks. I love love love Lady Danger - it's just the best. I think you need to try Pink plaid because it's gorgeous x


  3. Urghh so jealous right now. I think Please Me is next on my list!

    The Beauty Locker

  4. What a great collection you have! xx

  5. Your Mac lipstick collection is gorgeous x


  6. You have such an amazing collection - slight jealous haha! I love the look of Rebel - such a vampy purple shade.

    Lucy | www.foreverseptemberr.blogspot.co.uk

  7. I only have 2 MAC lipsticks *insert emoji that cries his eyes out x 1000* but I am working on it haha! Rebel is the next one on my list! Such a pretty Autumn/Winter shade! Love the heart shape you did! So cute!Xx

    Ally | www.glamoclock.com

  8. Rebel is probably my all time favourite shade. I used to have Creme Cup, but mine had a little accident, it melted haha :)

  9. Lady Danger is one of my faves too, it makes quite the statement! I will make sure to ad Pink Plaid to my "must swatch list" :)

  10. Please Me is such a pretty colour, it looks great with a smoky eye :)

  11. Thank you, I try not to think how much money I've spent over the last five years, but they are worth it :)

  12. Thank you, Mac lipsticks are definitely my favourite kind of lipsticks! :)

  13. Aww thank you, I do feel slightly guilty looking at them all together, but.... oh well haha. I definitely recommend Rebel it's probably my favourite shade, it's beautiful! :)

  14. I would have a lot more money in my bank account if I didn't have such an addiction, but they are worth it! Rebel is always the shade I suggest to people for autumn, it's gorgeous :) xx

  15. Ah no, how awful. I remember being on holiday and having a YSL lipstick melt, so I feel your pain! x

  16. Aww no that's even worse, they are so expensive. I learnt the hard way not to bring my Mac lipsticks on holiday, lip stains and gloss only! :)

  17. So gutting isn't it?! Oh yeah, they definitely stay nice and safe at home how! x

  18. Ooh Sunny Seoul looks beautiful! Rebel is also one of my favorites. It looks so beautiful on literally everyone!

    Oh gosh, I have a MAC lipstick addiction as well and have so many. Some of my faves would have to be: Sin, Kinda Sexy, Razzledazzler, Sushi Kiss, Velvet Teddy, Twig... so many lol! Next on my list is Runway Hit.

    Caked To The Nines

  19. What a beautiful collection! I love MAC rebel as you probably already know, and MAC please me has been my nude go to shade for quite a while. Now I really want to try Velvet Teddy and Mehr, everybody is raving about them! :) xx


  20. You're right Rebel looks fab on everyone! I think Twig will be next on my swatch list :)

  21. Thank you, I think Rebel is a winner with most of the blogging community. Mehr is certainly having it's moment, I think it will need to go on my "swatch" list :)

  22. You have the most gorgeous lipstick collection ever! I'm so jealous :)


  23. Thank you, it has taken me 5 years but I just can't stop :)

  24. WOW. this is the lipstick collection of dreams! Loving seeing rebel in there! That's one of my all time favourite mac lipsticks!xx

  25. It's my most used lipstick, I absolutely love it! Definitely an autumn staple :)


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