26 October 2015

How To: Tips For Making Your "Nail Polish" Last Longer

Chipped nails are one of my biggest bugbears, as soon as one appears I think "Right it's time to change my polish." I decided to made it my mission to find a nail routine that's not only easy, but that also makes my manicure last as long as possible. For me it's all about preparation, if you don't have a good canvas, be it wall, face or even nails your "paint" won't "stick" around.

So here are a few of my tips for making your nail polish last a little longer.

How To: Tips For Making Your "Nail Polish" Last Longer
Formula X Basecoat | Sally Hansen Insta Dri Topcoat | Essie Nail Polishes
| Keep Your Nails Short |
I know stiletto nails are a huge trend right now but honestly, if you want to maintain chip free nails short is the way to go. I like my nails to end just at the tip of my fingers, as it reduces the risk of them breaking or splitting. I find that when my nails are shorter they are also stronger and in better condition.

| Cleanse The Nails |
If you have any kind of oil or residue on your nails it will make it harder for your nail polish to stick. So rubbing a cotton bud socked in nail polish remover over the surface of you nails, really helps prep the nail bed ready for the next step.

| "Because It's All About The Base" |
I'm sure you've all heard about using a topcoat (which I will get to below) but not many people I talk to use a base coat. Personally I think a base coat is just as important as a topcoat. No only does it create a smooth surface for your nail polish, it also protects the nail underneath from staining.Which is especially important if you're using a dark shade, dark reds in particular are a killer!

How To: Tips For Making Your "Nail Polish" Last Longer
| Find A Good Topcoat |
Thanks to the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri or as I like to call it, my little bottle of wonder, my manicure takes half the time and my nails are so incredibly glossy. I've tried quite a few topcoats in my five years of blogging and this one, is by far one of the best! I used to use Seche Vite, but I found that it always got very thick and gloopy after a few uses. I've been using this one for nearly three months and it's still going strong.

| Cold Water |
Sometimes you don't have the time for a whole manicure routine, you just want to slap on one coat of polish and be out the door. So in that case, head to your bathroom and hold you freshly painted nails under the cold tap for a couple of seconds.

| Eat Your Way To Healthier Nails |
If you have brittle nails, milk is a great source of calcium and iron, which helps build strong healthy nails along with green leafy vegetables and lean red meat. Staying hydrated is also a must, especially as it gets colder outside and we have to turn up the central heating to compensate. Our hands and nails really do suffer if we're dehydrated, so start glugging.

Hopefully a few of these tips helped you in some way, whether it be a tip you didn't know or a product to add to your wishlist. Let me know some of your own tips? Or if you have a holy grail topcoat?

XOXO Claire


  1. great tips! Keeping nails short seems to help lots lately for me!


  2. Thank you, I'm the same especially as I spend most of my time on my laptop :)

  3. I so agree with all your tips! I love Sally Hansen Insta-Dri (it's my favourite) and I use Malvala as a base coat. Xx

    Ally | www.glamoclock.com

  4. Thank you, I used it once and haven't looked back! ;)

  5. Your pictures are so pretty! These are great tips! I do shape my nails into long almond nails and have to say it's very painful when they bend sometimes. That happened to me yesterday after showering and like half my nail just bent backwards and the nail polish chipped off where it bent lol! My nail polish definitely stayed more intact when my nails were shorter.
    Caked To The Nines

  6. I was missing the cold water tip! thanks for sharing! I think that a good base is everything, especially if you change weekly your nail polish without letting your nails breathe! I love Sech Vite top coat, is my holy grail, my manicure lasts one week or more without even a chip end, it's amazing! :) xx


  7. Aww thank you, I used to grow my nails long but nail polish just didn't last, plus shorter nails requirer so much less maintenance. I don't have to carry around a nail file wherever I go haha :)

  8. No problem, it's a little painful in the winter but if you really need to get out the door it's handy :)

  9. Fab tips! My nails always seem to chip so quickly! Chanel Rouge Noir seems to be the worst so now I've been trying out brands in Boots and they seem so much better! x


  10. Thank you, Ive never tried a Chanel nail polish but I haven't heard too many good things about them, which is a shame because the packaging is gorgeous! :)


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