22 November 2015

Makeup Edit: Burberry Make Up

When fashion power houses turn their attention to the beauty world and decide to bring out their own luxurious make up lines, it can go one of two ways. 1: Be stunning, but super expensive or 2: Be stunning, super expensive and really bad quality.

Luckily Burberry hit the nail on the head with their offering. Chic, minimalistic packaging embossed with the signature "Burberry" check.

When I saw this special limited edition Mini Burberry Beauty Box on Sephora, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to try out a few of their highly raved about products, plus it only cost $32. Clearly everyone else had the same idea, as it's now sold out (sorry about that), but I couldn't keep it all to myself, it's just too gorgeous not to share.

Burberry Sephora Beauty Box

Burberry Skin Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base
Burberry Skin Light Glow Blush in Earthy Blush
This beautiful base can be applied before foundation to perk up the skin, mixed in with your foundation to give a hit of radiance to more matte formulas. Or can be dotted along your cheekbones and the other high points of your face for a bit of added glow, which is what I've been doing. One thing I will say is that gives a very soft glowy finish, if you're looking for a #HighlightOnFleek kind of look, this is definitely not for you, it's beautiful but quite subtle.

It's billed as a blush, but I actually use it a few ways. Firstly as a contour, because it's the perfect matte shade for my pale skin and secondly as an eyeshadow. It's a lovely, easy to wear, all over the lid colour that adds a bit of depth and dimension and also looks gorgeous when combined with other eyeshadows. I can literally just sweep a bit of this powder all over my lids and it looks like I've made way more effort than I actually have (shh, don't tell anyone). You can't beat a simple multi-purpose product!

You can never have enough red lipsticks and this one is adorable, just look how cute and miniature it is, and don't get me started on the embossing! It has a lovely smooth formula with a satin finish, and the wear time was around 3-4 hours (without eating & drinking) which is ok in my books. I think when combined with a lipliner it could hold up a little longer, though I almost don't want to use it, just because of how cute it is, samples just get me haha.

Burberry Make Up Swatches
I'm very impressed with this little box, you can really feel the quality and attention to detail, Burberry did a great job.

Have you tried Burberry's Make Up range? Do you have any recommendations? What do you think of major fashion houses moving into the beauty market?

XOXO Claire


  1. love your photography! This mini kit is so gorgeous.. There is just something about Burberry makeup, and that is such a bargain too

  2. I LOVE Burberry makeup x


  3. OMG that red lipstick is gorgeous! ive heard a lot about the brand and seen a lot of posts i just dont think they sell up in scotland and i hate buying stuff online


  4. Such amazing picks. Especially that lipstick and the blush looks like a great everyday colour that would look good with a bold lip too and so great that you can use it as an eyeshadow as well x


  5. That's gorgeous! Burberry is definitely one brand I need to try ASAP. Their products look and sound so nice!

  6. Oh wow, this would of been absolutely perfect for me because I've been wanting to try most of these products esp that blush. I wish it was still available I would definitely purchase it. The mini sizes are so adorable - I would keep it forever and that mini brush would be perfect for travelling!


  7. I'm so glad I took the plunge and ordered it, it's such a bargain and the packaging is beautiful! :)


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