13 December 2015

Makeup Edit: Popping My "Tom Ford" Lipstick Cherry!

When it comes to luxury make up, I think we can all agree Tom Ford is the ultimate dream. From the slick black packaging, shiny gold piping to the adorably tiny TF, embossed on each individual lipstick, what can I say, they make my heart melt.

Admittedly as you would imagine that kind of packaging doesn't come cheap. Luckily for my heart and my wallet, I found two beautiful lipsticks at a Cosmetic Company Outlet Store in Florida for considerably less money. So lets meet the two newest additions to my lipstick wardrobe shall we?

A picture of two Tom Ford Lipsticks
A picture of two Tom Ford Lipsticks
A picture of two Tom Ford Lipsticks
Violet Fatale  | Crimson Noir

Would you just look at those fine specimens! I don't think I've ever seen a more beautifully packaged lipstick. The lipsticks themselves are so smooth, like butter and have a gorgeous glossy finish. As there's a bit of slip to the formula, they don't feel at all drying on the lips. But because of that, they don't have the wear time of a matte lipstick. My favourite shade is most definitely Crimson Noir, it screams Christmas to me. I have a feeling this shade may have been limited edition,
correct me if I'm wrong but I can't seem to find it online.

A picture of me wearing the Tom Ford Crimson Noir Lipstick
I did decide to wear a lip-liner underneath Crimson Noir, which was NYX Cabaret as it's a similar colour, just to give the lipstick something to grip onto and add a bit more longevity. Overall it lasted really well, though I did have to reapply a couple of times during the day, but having to pull out this beauty of a bullet isn't exactly a chore, is it?

Tom Ford Lipstick Swatches
I'm absolutely in love with these lipsticks, but despite that fact, I don't know whether I would fork out £38 each for them, that is some serious "dollar". At the CCO I payed around £23 which in my opinion is much more acceptable, so I will certainly be keeping my eye out for more TF bargains. I may even pop one of the Boys & Lips miniatures on my Christmas list, who knows haha.

What do you think of Tom Ford Lipsticks? Do you have any favourite shades? Have you ever found any TF bargains in a CCO before? Let me know if you would like to see Violet Fatale in more detail?

XOXO Claire


  1. Fantastic shades! Lovely photos! ♡

    Have a nice holiday! | Gabrielle


  2. I love these! I have the mini lips for boys trio and they are so covet-able to look at. nice colour picks too xx


  3. I may be developing a TF Lipstick addiction, one of the Lips & Boys is currently on my Christmas list so hopefully Santa is listening haha :)


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