21 February 2016

Makeup Edit: 1 Wash Of Colour Eyeshadows

As much as I love my beauty drawer that's stuffed to the rafters with excessive amounts of eyeshadow palettes, sometimes I just don't have the time or willpower to blend, blend, blend. Sometimes only an easy, one step wash of colour will do, so I thought today I would show you a few of my personal favourites.

Favourite Taupe Eyeshadows
Lorac Pro 2 Palette
If I'm not using my Makeup Geek eyeshadows, you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be using this palette. Especially the shades Rose and LT Brown, they're such highly pigmented, easy to wear, low maintenance colours, that you can brush on together or alone for a natural, everyday look. I love my First Pro Palette, but I think this one may have stolen back my heart!

Whenever I fancy wearing a cream shadow this is the one I pull out. It offers a gorgeous, metallic, rose gold wash of colour that once set (obviously over a primer, damn oily eyelids) doesn't move. You can add an extra layer for a more intense look, but I prefer a light "wash".

By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Misty Rock
If you're looking for a beautiful, lilac-taupe shade with fine silver shimmer, this luxurious golden bullet is for you. It blends so seamlessly, especially for a cream product, which can have a tendency to be a little tricky. Pricey it sure is, but this shade is so unique and versatile, I defy anyone to not be wowed by it.

For a more affordable option, look no further than the Jumbo Eye Pencils, especially this shade, Iced Mocha. Back in the day they were beauty blogger royalty and for good reason. They have one of the most creamy formulas I've come across, not to mention they are super inexpensive and thanks to Feel Unique now stocking NYX Products, everyone can now indulge.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Paint in Rich Russet
This one is another golden oldie, it's a little more work because of the applicator, but if you work quickly you can achieve a gorgeous, bronze smoky eye. If you fancy seeing this shade on my face, here's the link to that post.

 Makeup Geek Creme Brule Eyeshadow
 No, I'm not playing the "How many times can Claire mention this eyeshadow" game haha, it's just that good I can't stop using it. Particularly on those no makeup, makeup days when I'm feeling lazy and just want a bit of matte, crease definition. I promise this is the last time I mention this one (this month hehe!)

Burberry Skin Light Glow Blush in 07 Earthy Glow 
I'm really starting to like matte shades, I know, what's happening to me? I think this beautiful powder started my "matte" love affair. Like Creme Brule (which by the by, is a pretty close dupe, just saying), is a beautiful all over the lid shade that works well alone, or when combined with other more shimmery shades.

L-R | Rose | Marie Antoinette | Misty Rock | Creme Brule | Rich Russet | Iced Mocha | Earthy Glow |

I apologize that they all seem to be in the "Taupe" family, it wasn't intentional, those are just the shades I tend to gravitate towards, in my quest for easy to wear eyeshadows. Maybe in the future I'll try to dabble in a bit of colour, but for now I'm happy with my more wearable colour palette!

What are your favourite "1 wash" eyeshadows? They don't have to be in the taupe family haha, so list away...

XOXO Claire



  1. I nodded & laughed in agreement when you said that you just don't have the inclination to blend, blend, blend sometimes! I have a few shadows that I wear on days when I can't be bothered making too much effort & you've included some here! xx


  2. That Charlotte Tilbury cream shadow looks beautiful! I absolutely must get a hold of it next time I'm by a Charlotte Tilbury counter :)
    - Ambar x

  3. I know this one is super basic but Burberry Pale Barley is a great one! I love the look of Creme Brulee/Earthy Glow - I may need to look into those next! I'm trying to find my one one-wash shadow to help give my eyeshadow that natural cut-crease look!

    Cindy | www.cindyhyue.com

  4. Hahah, it's true though, some days I fancy mixing 5 different eyeshadows and some days , nahh :)

  5. It's such a nice cream shadow,though you do have to work fast as once it's set it dosn't move :)

  6. I keep hearing about Pale Barley, if it's anything like Earthy Glow I'm sure it's stunning! The Makeup Geek shadows are absolutely gorgeous, Creme Brule is definitely my most used and it's so inexpensive!

  7. Great idea for a post, never seen one like this or thought about doing it and I think we all love a good lazy make-up day ensuing a quick swipe of a single eyeshadow! I love the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow sticks - any brown or beige shade - to just dab over. If you've never tried before, try putting one swipe of a cream shadow stick near the root of your lashes on your lid, then just blend upwards with your finger. I hope that doesn't sound patronising, but it creates such a beautiful ombre result and it's sooo easy and so versatile, it goes with full glam too!x


  8. I love the look of the Lorac palette, the shades are so pretty! I really want to get it for myself x


  9. Awww thank you, it's not patronising at all haha, I'lll definitely be trying that out, thanks for the tip :)

  10. It's absolutely stunning I couldn't recommend it enough! I think you can buy Lorac on a website called Roses Beauty Store, it's expensive but not as expensive as a plane ticket :)

  11. I love all these shades! Marie Antoinette looks incredible!


  12. I love these one swipe shadows, sometimes I just can't be bothered blending out multiple shadows. I'd love to try Misty Rock but I think one of my current favourite one swipe shade is probably Pewter from the original Lorac palette.


  13. I wore MA yesterday and it looks gorgeous just bended out, the packaging is flawless too :)


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