17 February 2016

Beauty Products I've Used Up #11 Skincare Edition

You beauty girls know what it's like, you go months without finishing one beauty product, then all of a sudden you empty a bunch of skincare bottles all at once. So, lets go through my rubbish together and I'll give a few mini reviews as we go, and most importantly, let you know if it's something I'll repurchase and recommend.

This cleanser was bought purely on a whim after a particularly bad eruption of spots and it was a lifesaver. It's really helping to clear my skin, without making it overly dry. If you have combination/oily skin, I definitely recommend this one!
Repurchase? | Yes

This moisturiser had the strangest texture, it was like a light mouse and because of that I didn't think it did anything to my skin. You really had to work it in and even though I have combination skin, I didn't feel like it was thick enough to give much moisture.
Repurchase? | No

Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray £22
This one was a bit nondescript for me, it was refreshing on the skin, but that's about it. I also didn't disperse a fine mist, you kind of drowned in it haha.
Repurchase? | No

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist £24
There does seem to be an abundance of facial sprays in this empties post, not quite sure why but moving on... I wasn't a fan of this one either unfortunately, I'm not really a floral scented gal. I found the rose scent to be a bit too overpowering, though the frosted glass bottle is lovely.
Repurchase? | No

Mini skincare reviews
Origins High Potency Night A Mins £35
This is a gorgeous, citrus smelling, hydrating night cream that definitely leaves your skin feeling soft when you wake up. As always, me be being me, I'm still on the hunt for something that literally knocks my socks off. This one is nice, but the blogger in me says that there might be others out there, I just need to find them.
Repurchase? | Possibly in the future.

Omorovicza Queen Of Hungary Mist £46
I got this little sample in a mini set a while ago, and to be honest I haven't been that impressed. It smells ok, but again it didn't seem to do much for my skin. I know a tonne of bloggers rave about this mist, so I don' know whether it's just me being hard to please. The eye watering price-tag doesn't help things either.
Repurchase? | No

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion £12.50
This pink lotion is quite unusual, it's a mixture of calamine and salicylic acid spot treatment, that when you apply with a cotton bud, really helps to calm down the redness of those pesky spots and send them on their way. Honestly it's one of the best treatments I've used, it really does get the job done, though you do look like you have chicken pox haha, but trust me it's worth it.
Repurchase? | Absloutly!

Lush Grease Lightning £6.40
This product is another spot fighter, but for me this just made the skin around my spots super dry and flaky and I have combination skin, so I don't know what it would do to dry skin. Another thing I found was it was so hard to get out the right amount of product with the pump, hygienic yes, but practical, no.
Repurchase? | No

Mario Badescu Facial Spray £5.95
Ok Ok, this is the last toner I promise. To me this was again a little too potent, I don't like my skincare to have a strong scent and this one was a bit too much for me. Plus I didn't notice any skincare benefits.
Repurchase? | No
Chantecaille Detox Clay Mask Review
Chantecaille Detox Clay Mask £70
This mask has probably the strangest consistency of any that I've every tried. It's so smooth especially for a detox mask. It glides onto the skin and when it dries, it doesn't make your skin feel tight or uncomfortable. I only got two uses out of this sachet, but can you tell how much I liked this mask haha, Unfortunately, the full size is way out of my budget.
Repurchase? If it was £40 cheaper (insert sad face here!)

So, there weren't exactly that many hit products in this bunch, were there? I guess my hunt for the ever elusive "Life Changing" bunch of products continues...

Let me know what think of the products I've mentioned? Do you agree with me on any of these?

XOXO Claire



  1. I love the Jurlique balancing mist x


  2. I loved the bottle but it was a bit too scented for my skin, unfortunately :(

  3. I think my skins just really sensitive to scents, which is a shame. As for the mask, the sample I had was absolutely lovely, but like you said £70 is just way too expensive.

  4. I've never been tempted to pick up a facial mist purely because I don't really think they do anything except feel refreshing and smell nice! Most of them seem to be seriously overpriced too like the Omorovicza one :( Really informative post though :) xx


  5. I would love to try the REN cleanser it sounds magnificent!

    Abigail-Alicex | My Latest Post!

  6. Aww than you, I know what you mean, especially with the Omorovicza one, it's extortionately priced!

  7. It's lovely, I've been through three bottles haha :)

  8. i love the Ren Clearcalm too! great mini reviews :)


  9. Thanks Clare, It's lovely isn't it. I was expecting it to be quite drying because it's a clay but it's become one of my favourite cleansers I've tried ;)

  10. I'm a junkie for posts like this! I've always wants to try the drying lotion and now I really do have to pick it up! I actually totally didn't mind reading about the toners because that's the one thing I'm out of that I need to pick up! Haha. love your blog, followed along!

    xo katiechamel

  11. Aww thank you, they Drying Lotion is amazing I can't recommend it enough! It's also pretty inexpensive as skincare products go :)

  12. I definitely agree, I seem to run out of products all at once or none at all, so weird! While I really liked the Origins Night Cream, for me it wasn't amazing but that scent was really lovely. The MB Drying Lotion is such a go-to product for me because I know it will clear up any spot over night. And I am sad to hear you didn't like the Rose Mist because it is one of my faves, but I guess the scent can be quite over powering if you don't like florals x

    Chantalle | www.ceceandgrace.blogspot.com.au

  13. All these skincare products look wonderful! I love that mario badescu drying lotion.


  14. I can't get enough of my Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, it's one of the best things out there for spots and it's so inexpensive too! :)

  15. It's fantastic isn't it, I've gone through 3 bottles over the last couple of years and I always repurchase it :)


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