10 February 2016

How To: Girly Valentines Day Inspired Nail Art #3

I do love a bit of themed nail art so Valentines Day is the prime excuse to pull out my old set of dotting tools and let out my inner Elle Woods! Even though I'm a single girl (bring out the violins haha) it doesn't mean I can't paint my nails with pink, girly polishes and doodle pretty sweethearts. So, here's what I came up with, if you're looking for a bit of easy, "Love" themed nail art inspiration.

Valentines Day Inspired Nail Art
Valentines Day Inspired Nail Art
 I did three coats of Nails Inc Walton Place as my neon pink base, it dries matte so you need three for the full coverage. I also painted my middle finger using Maybelline White Sail, for a bit of contrast. I definitely recommend this one if you're after an easy to apply, opaque white polish. For my baby pink hearts I used Models Own Pink Veneer on the majority of my nails and OPI Pussy Galore on my middle fingers, for some understated glitter. The hearts themselves are super easy to do, you basically just do a "V" and curve the ends a little and elongate the tail, (if that makes sense, not sure if it does, but...) If you don't have any dotting tools, that's not a problem, you can just use the end of a hair grip (or bobby pin if you're from the USA hehe) they work just as well.

OPI Pussy Galore Nail Polish
Pink Heart Nail Art
Sticking with the L.O.V.E theme, if you're looking for some kiss proof lip products for the big day? I have you covered Link.

Are you a fan of themed nail art? What do you think of my childlike attempt? I don't have very good drawing skills, what can I say haha!

XOXO Claire


  1. Awww thank you Laura, they were so easy to do :)

  2. CUTE nails! I wish I had a steady hand to do nail art like this <3


  3. Thank you, I definitely don't have the steadiest hand haha, so if I can do it anyone can :)

  4. these look so cute, I would never manage to paint my nails like that!


  5. Thank you, believe me if I can do it anyone can! :)

  6. These are so cute! I wish I was talented in the nail art business!


  7. Thank you, this is as good as my nails art skills get haha :)


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