20 March 2016

Beauty Edit: High Maintenance Haircare

I'm first to admit my love of finding a Drugstore beauty bargain, you know I shout it from the rooftops if I find something good. However there is one part of my beauty routine that I consider to be quite "high maintenance", my hair. I really am a slave to every strand on my head. For some reason I just don't get on with the average, everyday shampoo you can pick up in the supermarket. I have quite a full head of hair and I found cheaper shampoo just didn't get it clean, and in the same vain I found that conditioners just used to coat my ends and leave a residue. So because of that, I often have to spend a little bit more, to help deal with my messy mop.

I should also mention that I have a dry scalp, oily roots and dry ends, so finding a combination of products that manage each individual problem is a challenge. Today I thought I would show a few of my current favourite products, that do have a higher price point, but are pretty fabulous.

Lush Big Shampoo
Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray
This is what I rely on to give my hair and scalp a really good cleanse. This margarita scented concoction removes the grease and leaves my hair glossy and squeaky clean, while the salt gives a little volume. It's quite an unusual shampoo, especially considering it's essentially a tub of salt. If you're intrigued and want to know more, I did a "Full Review" a while ag. I always have to have a tub of this shampoo in my cupboard, it's one of my haircare essentials.

Sachajuan Hair Repair 250ml £23
As deep conditioners go this is one of my absolute favourites. I first discovered it through a Space NK goodie bag a few years ago and have repurchased it twice since. It's a lightweight, repairing treatment that in 5 minutes manages to hydrate and de-tangle, leaving my hair smooth, shiny and healthy. It has a gorgeous sexy masculine scent, which I can't get enough of, it's what I imagine Channing Tatum smells like. The pump makes distribution so much easier, especially in the shower it's a godsend. If you have colour treated or really dry hair, I definitely recommend trying this treatment, no other conditioner makes my hair this soft.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray 300ml £39
Ok, so this one isn't exactly a necessity, it's a "I have a spare £40 quid in my pocket and I fancy a splurge" kind of necessity, I was clearly having a #feelingspendy moment that day. I normally only use this spray when I curl my hair, it really helps hold the curl and add texture (duh). It also doesn't leave my hair crunchy and brushes out really easily the next day. Seriously though, there are a bunch of texturing sprays out there that work just as well, I mentioned one of my other (considerably cheaper) faves in this post.

I never blow dry my hair without applying a blob of this cream beforehand. It manages to reduce my drying time, tame frizz and protect against heat damage all in one go. It doesn't weigh down my hair either, which can sometimes be a problem with cream products, but this one is so light. Bumble & Bumble products, while expensive, never fail to disappoint me. This blue tube may be small (there is a bigger size available) but you only need a tiny amount to get the job done.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment £21
Another multi-purpose product, can you sense a theme? This is the first product I put on my freshly washed, damp hair, to help with knots, flyaways and over time it's supposed to help strengthen your hair and help with breakages. One thing I will say is that you need the smallest amount, too much and things can get a bit greasy. I find a 5 pence piece size works best for me, I've also been using this bottle for a good 6 months and it's still going strong, which is pretty impressive in my book.

Drybar 100 Proof Treatment Oil £25
After my hair is fully dry I like to run a pea sized amount of oil through the lengths of my hair, to help smooth down the cuticles, add shine and tame any leftover flyaways. Again too much product can turn a fresh blowdry into a greasy mess, so I do use it sparingly. This oil in particular has a very light texture and doesn't weigh down my hair, which is super important for me.

My hair is already quite thick and I'm always after that "easy breezy" lightweight feel. Luckily all the above products help me achieve that, be it at a cost, but to me it's worth every penny.

 But I would love to know what your favourite drugstore shampoos are, I'm definitely open to giving a few of your recommendations a go, I'm all about the mixing and matching life.

Where do you stand on the budget vs luxury haircare debate? Are you a buy whatever's on offer kind of girl, or are you like me, a slave to your tresses?

XOXO Claire


  1. All these products sound amazing definitely want to try out that lush sea salt shampoo :)

    Lotte | www.lottebeautybox.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Big Shampoo is probably my all time favourite shampoo, plus it smells amazing I definitely recommend it :)

  3. The only product I have tried from those you've mentioned is the Sachajuan & I love it! I've been tempted to buy the Oribe spray for so long now buy can't seem to actually part with the cash for it but one of these days, I will! Great post! xx


  4. Ahh the Hair Repair is just divine, I can't wash my hair without it, it never feels the same. As for the Oribe Spray, it is probably a little over priced, the drugstore do do a few good alternatives :)

  5. Hair care is also a challenging aspect for me as well! I have balayged hair so my ends are quite light and they can also get quite dry and damaged. To top it off I have oily roots and if I'm not careful my hair can get very oily very quickly! I haven't tried many of these products so I will have to give some of them a whirl especially the Sachajuan hair repair! xx

    Chantalle | www.ceceandgrace.blogspot.com.au

  6. Oooh I want to try the Lush shampoo because I love the sea salt body scrub.

  7. That oribe spray is amazing! I got it in birch box one month and NEED the full size!


    http://bit.ly/1Vv2lQJ .. Ocean City, MD OOTD!

  8. It's amazing, it gets your hair so clean and smells like a cocktail, what more could you want :)

  9. It definitely manages to give hold to my curls without making my hair dry and crispy, which few drugstore products can do :)

  10. I've heard so much about the Oribe spray but I just can't part with the money for it!


  11. It is quite pricey, I probably won't re-purchase again, just because the Charles Worthington one is pretty good and 10 times cheaper :)

  12. That Lush shampoo looks interesting lol - I actually really want to try it! I might have to wander down to Lush on my lunch break tomorrow! Xx

  13. It's really lovely and makes my hair so clean! :)

  14. Sounds like all great products. I've heard great things about the Oribe spray.

  15. It's so luxurious, but does hold your curls :)


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