22 May 2016

Makeup Edit: The Lipstick Tag #2

You know your lip product addiction shows no signs of slowing down when you feel the need to do a another Lip Product Tag. I first saw this tag on Diagon Sally's Blog and loved the set of questions, as they're a little different from the First Lipstick Tag I did, way back in 2014. My lip product collection has grown quite considerably since then and I have a bunch of new favourites, so I thought it only fair I do a 2.0.

A picture of Mac & Tom Ford lipsticks

Favourite Eye Catching Red & Best Mac Lipstick?
I can hit two questions right out of the park with this one, Mac Lady Danger. Not only is it a bright, "eye catching" orange red, it's definitely one lipstick from Mac that I think everyone should have in their collection. It works during the day, if you're feeling bold and also for a wild night out, it's the quintessential red shade.

Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Balm

Favourite Lip Balm Or Treatment?
My all-time favourite lip balm, is without a doubt the Nuxe Reve De Miel, I've repurchased it many times over the years and I just don't trust my lips with anything else. As my love for Liquid Lipsticks continues to grow, it's the only thing that can revive my lips and restore them back to their original state. The scent reminds me of chocolate oranges too, which is pretty scrumptious.

A picture of a Tom Ford lipstick and NyX Butter Glosses

Best Luxury & Drugstore Lip Product?
Lets start with possibly one of the most expensive lipstick brands out there Tom Ford. They hold quite a staggering price tag, coming in at £38 each (ouch, luckily I didn't pay full price) but the pure craftsmanship of each little tube is very plain to see, even down to the embossed TF on the bullet. The packaging is so luxurious, but the lipsticks are still super creamy and gorgeous, personally I think they make a lovely gift, an every day purchase they certainly aren't, but boy are they beautiful!

The best "Drugstore" lip products in my opinion are most definitely, my NYX Butter Glosses.
They're pigmented, creamy and most importantly, not in the slightest bit sticky, which is one of my pet peeves. Plus, as they are now available in Boots it's so much easier to gain new additions to your collection, believe me, that NYX stand could easily become your kryptonite.

A picture of the By Terry Baume De Rose Lip Balm

Most Disappointing Lip Product?
If you've heard of the By Terry brand you'll know all their products come with quite the heavy price-tag, no more so than the Baume De Rose Lip Balm. The full size (mine's a miniature) costs a whopping £39, which in my opinion is crazy. I didn't find that it that moisturising and the rose scent for me is just too overwhelming, needless to say I wouldn't be purchasing the full size.

A picture of Mac & Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liners

Lip Liner,Yes Or No?
Hell yes! I'm loving this current Lip Liner Revival. I can't get enough of my Charlotte Tilbury "Pillow Talk" Lip Liner, it's an easy every day shade, that works alone or with other glosses on-top, to create a gorgeous natural nude lip. Plus it's not too "nude" for my very pale skintone, it contains just enough pink to make it so wearable.

A picture of Laura Mercier Lip Glaces

Favourite Lip Gloss?
A year ago, I would have definitely said I was in no way a gloss girl, but since I discovered the Laura Mercier Lip Glaces my attitude has certainly changed. They have the smoothest texture and again are glossy without being sticky. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative the NYX Butter Glosses are very similar in consistency and finish.

Anything Else To Add?
I love liquid lipsticks, liquid lipstick to the death, that's all!

Now it's your turn, What's your favourite Mac lipstick? What's your most disappointing lip product? Are you a fan of lip liners? Let me know... I tag all of you!

XOXO Claire


  1. I litterally discover your blog two minutes ago! and I LOVED IT! I will do this tag too in my blog! I loved it! Lady danger is love <3


  2. Awww thank you, I'm glad you like it! Mac Lady Danger is one of my all time favourite lipsticks :)

  3. Such a helpful review! Thank you ^_^


  4. I've never seen this tag but I'm also big lipstick junkie so I love posts like these! I can't be bothered with lip pencils most of the time haha but I do love a good lip gloss!


  5. I love lip products too, I have way more than I could ever possibly use haha. I normally use lip pencils if I'm being really low maintenance :)

  6. As a lipstick addict i am loving this post! I especially love the look of that Tom Ford hippie, I have yet to try lipsticks from this brand xx


  7. I've not yet tried the butter glosses, however they look amazing and the shade range is lovely too! Will definitely have to give them a try!


  8. Love this tag! definitely one I need to do as Ive just started my blog!

    Ps any helpful comments about what I need to do to improve would be incredible

  9. Thank you, it's such a luxurious brand, but I luckily found two lipsticks significantly cheaper in a CCO :)

  10. They are so lovely, especially the shades Eclair, Apple Strudel and Creme Brule, plus they are so inexpensive!

  11. Thank you, I would just say post clear pictures and write how you would talk to someone, injecting your own personality. It is tough at the begging but it's also so exciting, good luck :)

  12. Ugh TF lippies are just everything, but that price tag stops me from buying so many at once. I really need to try the Nuxe Reve De Miel. I always hear such great things about it!

    Nida | Caked To The Nines

  13. Tell me about it, I got two for half off from a CCO, but I don't think I could ever pay full price. As for the Nuxe lip balm, it's amazing, my lips have never been so soft, nothing else matches up!

  14. Thanks babe! Ill be sure to take your advice when writing my next post!

  15. Great post! I completely agree with you about liquid lipsticks. I can't remember the last time I didn't apply a standard lipstick! x
    Louise | helloteddy.co.uk

  16. Thank you, I have a serious problem haha, how may bright reds can one girl own :)

  17. I'm soon going to splurge on Ruby Woo but hey after all, it's a classic, I'm allowed to. I agree, Nuxe Rêve de Miel is the best lip balm ever. I love your lipstick collection, I wish I had the same! xx
    Margaux ∙ www.bonjourwhite.com

  18. Thank you, I can't be without my Nuxe lip balm. I went on holiday last November and didn't take it with me and my lips were so chapped, nothing compares! I used to have Ruby Woo years ago but I didn't get on with the formula so I sold it, but back then I didn't have my Reve De Miel haha :)


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