23 June 2016

Beauty Products I've Used Up #12

I'm really trying to scale down my skincare & haircare collection, I'm a true beauty hoarder at it's worst, so I'm making an effort to finish products up. Which I know in the "normal" world is a pretty regular thing, but here in the "beauty" world we do have a tendency to be a bit flaky. So here are a few beauty products that have finally squeezed/pumped their last drops.

A picture of beauty products I've used up
I finished this one quite a while ago now, but I kept a hold of it to make sure I gave it a mention. It's just a really nice cleanser, your makeup just melts off and it leaves your skin really soft. The only thing I wasn't so sure of was the scent, it smells like cake, which I ordinarily wouldn't be opposed to, just not in a cleanser.
Repurchase? Maybe in the future.

Before this face spray was readily available in your local Boots, you could only get your hands on it if you visited Paris. I actually put my name down on a waiting list before it was released here. Though, to be honest, for me it wasn't really worth the hype. A nice facial spray? Yes, but I didn't see any significant difference in the condition of my skin, especially in the spot department. It was very much a let down for me.
Repurchase? No

This mascara is long past it's best so it had to be thrown out. It was the only thing I trusted on my bottom lashes, before I discovered my beloved Seventeen Doll'd Up Mascara, which is now my go-to as it's half the price and twice the size.
Repurchase? No, try the Seventeen one if you suffer from smudging or flaking.

At one point this was my go-to concealer, it's high coverage but still creamy, like the name would suggest and even though I've really been enjoying the Urban Decay one, I still like to have a back up in my collection. I'm a Gemini what can I say, we like to change our minds.
Repurchase: I already have.
 This pot may be tiny but it lasted quite a while, I probably got around 7 uses out of it. As I mentioned in my Face & Hair Mask Edit, not only does this mask smell like Christmas (hello), it leaves my skin super soft and glowy. I will definitely be adding the full size into my collection sometime soon.
Repurchase: Yes

This is my second bottle of this stuff, so I think that says a lot before I've even started. It was also one of the top products in my Hyperpigmentation & Acne Scaring Post. This serum has really helped fade scaring from my newer spots.
Repurchase? Yes

I simply can't do my nails without this top coat, I have dabbled in a few others over the years, just read my Top 4 Nail Polish Top Coats for a brief summery, but this one is just outstanding. It's cheap as chips, makes my nail polish last, and look super glossy and has become a staple in my Manicure Routine. Plus one bottle lasts me over 6 months, talk about value for money!
Repurchase? Always

This perfume was my signature scent during the last few Autumn & Winter seasons, it smells incredible. Hints of musk, vanilla and of course almond and coconut, it smells so good you want to eat it haha.
Repurchase? Yes

I used the majority of this mask last summer. I mentioned it in My Holiday Essentials Post, where I found that it really soothed some sunburn on my face. It's a thick cream that sinks in really quickly and keeps your face so hydrated without feeling greasy. I would definitely repurchase this mask if it wasn't so expensive, sadly it's out of my budget.
Repurchase? (Unfortunately) No
As much as I love my beloved Garnier Micellar Water, it doesn't hurt to dabble in a few other brands, or does it? Well, I honestly wasn't impressed with this one, it's very heavily fragranced and it stung my eyes, which are two huge no nos in my book. Plus it's very expensive, so I think I'll stick to my drugstore version, that's £10 cheaper.
Repurchase? No

What beauty products have you used up recently?

XOXO Claire


  1. I paint my nails every single week (seriously it's like an obsession!) so I don't think that top coat would last me six months...BUT lordy lord it sounds good! I've been using the Sally Hansen top coat and has found that it starts cracking after a few days so this looks like a good alternative option.

    Also totally agree about the LRP facial spray...I feel like I'm making myself believe my skin is better by using it because everybody raves about it, but I don't think I've actually noticed much of a difference either!

    Katie xx ¦ La Coco Noire

  2. I love empties posts! That Laura Mercier perfume sounds really beautiful! I'd like to try both of the face masks you've mentioned! xx


  3. Loved this - I've been tempted by the Clinique bottom lash mascara for a while but now I know the give the Seventeen one a whirl instead :)

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx

  4. I waited for the La Roche Posay Face Spray for months, so it was a huge disappointment for me. I know a bunch of people have said it's made a big difference to their skin, but I didn't notice any :)

  5. It smells amazing! It's definitely my Autumn/Winter signature scent ;)

  6. Thank you, the wand is a little bigger than the Clinique one, but it is so much cheaper and lasts just as long on my bottom lashes :)

  7. All laura mercier perfumes are so divine. I've had them this size before & used them up far too quickly!

    Katie // wordsbykatie.com

  8. There's actually quite a few products here that I have used myself and have similar feeling towards. I was also so excited to hear that Serozinc was to (finally) be released in Australia this year. At first I really loved it, as you said it is a fantastic facial spray and was great for the warmer months. But I don't think it really did anything for my skin in terms of oiliness or blemishes, very much an over hyped product in my opinion! The NARS concealer is also one of HG products. I've tried and used many concealers but always come back to NARS it's just so good! I also love the Sally Hanson instant dri top coat! An absolute essential when doing my nails! Great lot of empties! x

    Chantalle | www.ceceandgrace.blogspot.com.au

  9. They really all, the Citrus one is lovely too ;)

  10. Thank you, I always go back to the Nars concealer too, my Urban Decay one has be popped back in my drawer for the time being haha ;)

  11. I feel the exact same about the Nars concealer! I'm loving the Urban Decay one too but I have to have a backup of this concealer because I love it so much!!

    I've used up my Urban Decay concealer and my Nars sheer glow foundation :-( I'm always devastated when I finish both of them - I just can't live without them not even for a few days until I repurchase them ;-)


  12. I'm pretty sure I'm nearly at the end of my own bottle of Sheer Glow, so I know exactly how you feel, it's such a gorgeous foundation I will definitely be re-purchasing it :)

  13. I love seeing people's empties! Makes me see which ones they actually use, as opposed to products they rave about because of sponsorship. Hehe. Really interested in investing in the Estee Lauder serum now that you mentioned that it's already your second bottle.

    Jorj | Mad Cherry

  14. They definitely give you an insight into what people are using, and I love that, I'm so nosy haha :)

  15. Love reading Empties! I've been on a big mission to use up a lot of my stuff too but it's hard! Like the sound of the Sally Hansen top coat - always been a Seche Vite girl but want to try a cheaper dupe so that one sounds great :)

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  16. It's really hard, especially when my beauty drawers are a revolving door. I really need to lean to finish something before I buy anything new, but I don't think that will ever happen haha :)

  17. I'm a hoarder too, I can't help myself, I have baskets of things! I had the La Roche Posay Serozinc and ended up giving it to my brother to use on his back, which he says has managed to clear up some of his acne! I didn't notice any difference when I used it though

    Jodie | jodiemelissa.com

  18. I feel like I should be on that hoarders TV show haha. It's good that your brother found a use for it, I personally didn't notice a difference with my skin, but everyone's skin is deferent :)


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