19 June 2016

Product Review: Crest 3D Whitestrips Gentle Routine Teeth Whitening Kit

Being a beauty blogger means I'm always surrounded by lipstick. Constantly applying and re-applying different shades and staring in the mirror at my mouth. No, not in vain way, just in a scientific, how's this colour performing kind of way. It also means I'm constantly looking at my teeth, something I've never been happy with. Sadly not everyone is blessed with a sparkling white smile, me included. I have naturally, very yellow teeth and they've always made me super self-conscious. I decided it was about time to do something about it, so I went online and ordered the Crest 3D Whitestrips Gentle Routine Teeth Whitening Kit, to see if I could achieve that perfect white smile, or at least improve my current one.

A picture of Crest 3D Whitestrips Gentle Routine Teeth Whitening Kit

For some reason we can't get the Crest 3D Whitestrips Gentle Routine Teeth Whitening Kit $34 in the UK, no idea why, so I had to order this one from on the American Amazon, but I didn't experience any problems, plus the delivery was pretty quick. Ok, so I guess the main question would be why did I buy the Gentle Routine instead of the Vivid or Luxe versions? Well, I did try one of the original boxes around 5 years ago and I only lasted 2 days. It killed my teeth and gums, I had no idea I was so sensitive, but it terrified me. Though after reading many, many reviews, I thought I would would pull up my bootstraps and give the Gentle Routine a go.

A picture of the Crest 3D Whitestrips Gentle Routine Teeth Whitening Kit

This kit contains a 28 day course of whitestrips, which you apply once a day for 5 minutes to gradually whiten your teeth. As the Gentle Routine contains less of the active whitening ingredient than the original kits and as you only leave them on for 5 minutes, they really are a lot more gentle on your teeth and gums, which is great for people with sensitivity issues.

A picture of a Crest 3D Whitestrips Gentle Whitening Strip
Each individual sachet contains a strip for both the upper and lower teeth. They do look quite intimidating, but in actual fact they are pretty easy to apply. You apply the lower strip first, so I carefully peeled it off the plastic backing, holding it at both ends, lined up the strip to my bottom teeth and gently folded over, softly pressing my teeth just to make sure it's secure. Then I repeated the process for my top set. Now I will say it does feel a bit strange in the beginning, for example I didn't know where to put my tongue (sounds crazy, I know) but you do get used to it. In terms of pain, discomfort or tingling, I surprisingly didn't experience any at all, not even an ounce of temperature sensitivity. There were a few occasions when I did leave them on for longer than the stipulated 5 minutes, an hour being the longest, but to be honest it didn't really make much difference in terms of time.

Right, now beware, here's a close up of my teeth, for a before and after: Sorry for the very low quality pictures, you wouldn't believe how difficult it is to take picture of your teeth, I had to resort to using my phone (I know the shame) but I thought a crappy photo was better than no photo, right?

Obviously it's hard to see in these pictures, but in real life you can see a difference in my teeth, they are certainly a couple of shades whiter. I noticed the first change after about a week, it definitely takes time, it's not an instant result, it is quite subtle, but overall I'm very happy with how they've turned out, especially as the whole process was so easy and completely painless. I've even tried a few of the lipsticks that used to make my teeth look an unsightly shade of yellow and now they look a lot more wearable.

I think you have to be realistic though, these strips aren't necessarily going to give you a Simon Cowell worthy smile, but they will remove stains, say if you're a coffee or tea drinker, or whiten them subtly like mine, but it does depend on how white your teeth are to begin with. I would consider mine to be in the quite "yellow" category, so if you're already on you way to white teeth, maybe you could achieve the SC worthy smile haha.

The Crest 3D Whitestrips Gentle Routine Teeth Whitening Kit really does get the thumbs up from me. Now I'm interested in trying out the original formula again, though I don't know how long you have to wait after one treatment, before starting another one, so if you do know or have any experience from trying both, do let me know.

Have you tried any Crest Whitening Strips? What did you think of this treatment? Also let me know if there's any similar products available in boots that you would recommend.

XOXO Claire


  1. Oooh amazing! I've always wanted to give them a go. I've noticed they have started selling them in dentists in the UK, but quite pricey. I asked my dentist about them and she said they are ok for your teeth, just like you said not crazy omg white! But I think every now and then they are a good boost! I will hopefully pick some up if I head back to the States. Thanks for sharing your review :) x

  2. I really wish I had whiter teeth - these do sound like a good option to be honest, I have sensitive teeth so I reckon these would work for me!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. No problem Sarah, you lucky thing, it definitely works out cheaper if you buy them in the USA. It's so strange how just going a few shades lighter improves your confidence, I do find myself smiling a lot more now, instead of trying to hide my mouth :)

  4. I was so surprised, I literally felt nothing, even after leaving them on for an hour (oops). I also read that if you make sure to just apply them to your teeth not your gums that helps, so I'm quite impressed and I would definitely re-purchase them :)

  5. These are so good! I used to use these a few years back and think I got them from eBay!! I found they really worked for me but did make just one of my teeth quite sensitive (weird) but they delivered really good results. I'm so glad you blogged about them - you've reminded me to use them again *heads straight to Amazon & Ebay*
    Lisa xxx

  6. One tooth, that is a little strange haha, luckily all mine seem to be ok, thankfully. I'm so happy with how they've turned out, I will definitely do the whole process again in the future :)

  7. I think Crest Strips are a great place to start. It's not as effective as going to the dentist to whiten them, but they're so much more affordable. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  8. I've never been able to use them as I have super sensitive teeth, but you really can see the massive difference they've made! You must be thrilled xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

  9. Definitely, I don't think my teeth or wallet could handle a professional whitening session :)

  10. You can still tell they've made your teeth a lot whiter! I've been a bit hesitant due to sensitivity but maybe I'll have to get these gentler ones and give them a try!



  11. Aww thank you Jennifer, it's more noticeable in real life, so I definitely recommend them! :)

  12. I always hear people talking about how good these strips are. They're not sold in Australia either as far as I know but I actually think that's because one of the ingredients in it is banned here? I'll have to check up on that though!


  13. Wow, I didn't know that, though that could be why they aren't sold here either. I had to ship them from the american amazon and it was definitely worth it :)

  14. I want to try some whitening strips and I think I'd definitely go for sensitive ones to start with xx

  15. They results are quite subtle, but I didn't have any issues what so ever with them, which was great. There's nothing worse than tooth pain :)

  16. I have had such wonderful things about these Crest Strips and after reading this review, I am dying to! It's such a pain that you have to buy them from an American website but it is clear from the results that they are worth it! x
    Louise | helloteddy.co.uk

  17. At the beginning I wasn't sure they were doing much, it's very subtle and the results do seem to creep up on you, especially when you look at the before pictures, but I would definitely recommend them. Considering how much it costs to get your teeth professionally, £35 not that bad :)


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