10 July 2016

Easy Tips & Tricks For Beauty Blogging Technophobes #2

Considering how well my last Easy Tips & Tricks For Beauty Blogging Technophobes Post went down, I thought I would rack my brain for a few more tips and tricks that have helped me out in my blogging time of need. Today we're going to cover Google Analytics, Broken Links, Evergreen Content and more, be it in my own very anti- HTML, blogging technophobic way.

Easy Tips & Tricks For Beauty Blogging Technophobes #2

Why Are Your Google Analytics Statistics Different To Blogger?

Honestly, this one has been puzzling me for months, but to summarize, in Google Analytics you have your "Page Views" which is the total number of pages loaded. So if someone visits the same post numerous times, or if they refresh the browser, it counts as multiple views. Even your own visits and post previews count. "Sessions" mean a single visit in a certain amount of time, so someone could read multiple posts, but it would still only count as one "Session". "Unique Page Views" basically represents the number of sessions viewed.

Moving onto blogger, your page views will most likely be different, usually greater, because blogger combines both "Page Views" & "Unique Page Views" together. For me personally my numbers never add up and my view count is always higher in blogger. People go crazy over how many "Page views" they get, but ultimately it''s actually the "Unique Page Views" that are the most important. Hopefully all that made some sense, I'm still getting to grips with all the lingo myself.

Check For Broken Links.

Most blog posts have clickable links, whether it be to a specific product or brand, fellow blogger or just to your own social media sites. However once a link becomes "broken" (essentially a link that doesn't lead anywhere) it can have an adverse reaction to how your blog runs, especially if you have quite a few. For example, say you write about a fashion sale that's currently going on and you add direct links to a few of the products, after a while those products will probably sell out, that link will then become void, aka a "Broken Link". I think of it as dragging a bit of extra weight.

I actually tested my own blog last month and I had over 500 links that were "broken", shocking I had no idea. So, I set aside a bit of time to remove them all or replace them with a working link. It is a little time consuming, but anything I can do to make sure my blog is working at its full potential, is a couple of hours well spent, in my opinion. I just bunged a film on and the ocd part of me quite enjoyed it actually.

Try To Create "Evergreen" Content.

Evergreen is a pretty new "Blogging" word, that I've just recently added to my vocabulary, but it's essentially a term used to describe relevant blog content. So posts that will never age (in the internet world) and subject matters that will always be searched. Let me give you a few examples, how to's, tips and tricks, so posts that (hopefully) teach you something, product reviews, cooking recipes, I think you get the idea, but honestly in the grand scheme of things, just write what you would want to read!

Blogger Labels? What Are They Used For?

 My understanding of "Blogger Labels" (the first box in post settings, underneath the publish button, in Blogger) is that they are used to organize blog post categories. Say you're writing about... foundations,  you could add in the name of the "brand or brands" depending on how many products your talking about, then "products review" and anything else that relates to what you're writing about. Labels don't make any difference to how your blog appears in search engines, so there really is no need to add in everything under the sun, especially things that don't correspond to your blog post. Personally I try to keep it to under 10, just because I think it can look messy, especially if you chose to display them in each post.

Bring New Life To Older Blog Posts.

I love writing new blog posts but unfortunately after a few weeks they all vanish from view into the blogging volt, never to be read again. It's so disheartening, especially as you've probably spent hours and hours planning, photographing and writing lots of great content. You have to remember that most long running blogs have quite a substantial archive - my blog for example has over 450 blog posts currently, so linking back to older posts is a good way of giving them a bit of extra love.

One downside I've discovered recently though, is a tonne of people constantly tweeting and re-tweeting links to older blog posts, I swear my twitter feed is filled with them all day long and it's very tiresome, in my opinion anyway, but I'll let you decide on that one.

Hopefully you liked this post and found it in someway helpful, we technophobes gotta stick together! Do you have any of your own blogging tips and tricks? I'd love to hear them.

 XOXO Claire


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