11 September 2016

August 2016 Beauty Favourites

I never thought I would say this, but this beauty blogger may be turning into a creature of habit. I found it harder than usual to pick my stand out beauty products over the last few months, I don't know whether that's down to feeling a little uninspired in the general blogging sense, but I'm just feeling a little blurgh... Hopefully the start of Autumn will reignite my spark, but until then here's my end of summer, beauty favourites round up, featuring a few golden oldies and some new routine staples.

A picture of my August 2016 Beauty Favourites
Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Body Butter £27
I've mentioned this line many times before, but the lizard like skin on my arms and legs were crying out for some marzipan scented hydration. It's super moisturising without leaving your limbs feeling greasy or sticky, it just melts into your skin. As for the scent, I'm not normally a marzipan scented fan, I can't stand the stuff, but for some reason the ratio of almond to coconut is just enough without becoming sickly.

Briogeo Rosarco Milk Leave In Conditioning Spray £18.50
Considering how temperamental my hair is, I can seriously resemble Monica from Friends if I use the wrong combination of products, my hair is very "High Maintenance" I even did a whole post about it. So finding a good leave in conditioner that de-tangles, reduces frizz without weighing my hair down is tough, but this one is a real winner, it does all that while still leaving my hair hydrated and soft, plus it smells damn good too. I bought this from Sephora as it came in a miniature set (hence why it's so small), but I recently found this brand is now sold on Look Fantastic, which is well... fantastic!

A picture of the Zoeva Cocoa Blends Eyeshadow Palette
Zoeva Cocoa Blends Eyeshadow Palette £18
I've really pared down my eyeshadow lately, if I wear any at all it's been from this stunning Zoeva Palette. I generally just sweep "Substitute For Love" through my crease for a bit of definition, or if I'm feeling a more warm look I'll add in a bit "Freshly Toasted". Just look at all these shades, gorgeous colour selection, buttery, smooth, pigmented, what more could you want? Now I'm coveting their Nude Spectrum Palette (uh oh).

A picture of my August 2016 Beauty Favourites
Colour Wow One Minute Transformation Styling Cream £9
I like to call this cream my "Frizz Fixer". When I apply it to my freshly dried hair it really helps tame all my fly-aways leaving behind a smooth, sleek base. It certainly does "Transform" my "Monica" barnet into a more manageable style. It's quickly becoming a hair staple, which is funny considering it's been sat in my drawer for over a year untouched. I really should go through my sample draw more often, there could be some hidden gems just waiting to be discovered.

A picture of my Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk
Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk £16
Ok, I know, I know, I've mentioned this lip liner more times than even I can count, but it's simply That good it deserves to be a member of every monthly beauty post! If I can't decide what lip colour to wear I always turn to this one, the soft, creamy, pinky nude colour literally goes underneath everything. Plus it gives the illusion of gorgeous juicy lips, without the risk and expense of lip fillers.

A picture of the Maybelline Matte Lipstick in Clay Crush
I never thought I would be sat here raving about a "Brown Toned" nude lipstick, but here I am, stranger things have happened. Whenever I fancy an easy to wear nude lip combination, I pop on the CT Lip Cheat and then apply this lipstick over the top. It's a fuss free, low maintenance combo with the lipstick formula being smooth and creamy, and best of all, so in-expensive.

A picture of the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask
Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask £22.99
Not to brag, but my skin has been pretty well behaved lately, mainly blemish free, apart from a few small hormonal spots. I have quite the large collection of face masks, but when I fancy something a bit more natural, yet still hydrating and detoxifying, this one is just the ticket. It really soothes my skin, especially if it's a bit red and blotchy. Though the intoxicating vanilla scent does make me want to eat it, just to clarify I don't, but it does smell good enough to eat.

A picture of a small fan makeup brush made for highlighting
The Vintage Cosmetics Fantail Bush £11.99 * 
Gone are the days of highlighter being "just for special occasions",  now it's become a daily staple, I want my highlight to glow like a beacon, that's my goal when I wake up everyday hehe. Luckily for my non-existent bone structure I was recently sent this brush from Makeupbrushes.co.uk to try out and it's the perfect partner in crime for my Becca Champagne Pop Shimmering Skin Perfector. The soft bristles deposit just the right amount of powder and can we address the pretty in pink handle,  so cute, as is the shabby chic, floral packaging each brush comes in. This website also does free 1st class shipping, which is amazing because I know one of my biggest bugbears buying online is having to pay for shipping.

Binge Worthy TV:  Arrow
Thanks to discovering Arrow on Amazon Prime, my Netflix account has stayed pretty much untouched over the last month (apart from "That" Pretty Little Liars Finale, not going to lie I saw the end coming a mile away, but it was still great, gotta love bad-ass Hanna!). Wow, I have no idea why I waited so long to start Arrow, but I've devoured two seasons in around three weeks and I'm hooked. It's all about a very gorgeous billionaire playboy called Oliver Queen who after being presumed dead in a boat crash, returns home 5 years later, a completely changed man, who makes it his mission to protect his city. It's like a superhero version of CSI. Oh and who ever thought archery could be so hot... you're welcome!

What have you been loving and more importantly watching over the last month?  My watch lists are getting seriously low so give me some autumn TV inspiration.

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XOXO Claire 


  1. Your pictures are stunning! I want to try the Antipodes mask. It sounds heavenly for when my skin is acting up.

    Nida | Caked To The Nines

  2. Lovely post with lots of goodies - you've reminded me to pick up my Zoeva Cocoa Blends palette this morning so thank you haha!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. I need to try Antipodes - I've heard so many good things about that brand! I love the look of that Zoeva palette too. It looks perfect as a seasonal transition shadow palette too :)
    - Ambar x

  4. Get that Zoeva palette and spill us the deets ;) There wasn't much interesting show for me in August (might have or might have not rewatch CSI from 1st season, oops), but I'm looking forward for ABC's conviction!

    Selene Addicted

  5. That CT lip cheat in Pillow Talk needs to be mine soon! Looks stunning.

    - www.franciscamay.com

  6. The cocoa palette is probably one of my all time favourites and the most affordable! I love the CT pillow talk liner too, I just hate that it doesn't sharpen very well xx

    Jodie / jodiemelissa.com

  7. Thanks Ambar, let us know when you try our skincare, we would love to know what you think. #lovethearoha #loveaura

  8. Let us know if you try the Aura Manuka Honey Mask. A traditional remedy of New Zealand Maori people is antibacterial manuka honey, which powerfully draws moisture to your skin to hydrate it intensely. This facial mask delivers an intensely moisturising, cleansing and antioxidising treatment. It is the ultimate solution for spots and blemishes. Fragrances of vanilla pod and mandarin linger to bring peace and balance to your aura. #lovethearoha #lovemanuka #loveaura

  9. Thank you haha, it was always one I overlooked until recently, I have no idea why as the shades are all stunning! :)

  10. Aww thank you Nida, that's so sweet of you to say, though they are still a work in progress. The mask is lovely, it's so soothing :)

  11. I've only tied their mask so far but it's lovely, so soothing on my skin, especially when it's acting out.

  12. I definitely plan to, it just needs to come back in stock, I guess everyone else had the same idea haha :)

  13. It's my most used lip product in my whole collection, definitely a must have!

  14. I can't believe I let it unloved for so long. You're right, the CT Lip Cheat is a pain in the bum to sharpen, but it's worth it! :)

  15. You have me lusting after these products now! I really need to bite the bullet and purchase the Manuka Honey mask already, and marzipan scented body lotion? Sign me up!

    Hilary | The Beauty Collective

  16. The Zoeva eyeshadow palette is so beautiful, look at these gorgeous shades!

    Yiota x

  17. Hey Clair, I get that you don't feel as inspired month after month, but autumn is giving me new motivation and couldn't come sooner :) your choices though are all very good, I need that palette! so beautiful!
    Ps: I have been enjoying Stranger Things from Netflix. it only has a few episodes though, but they're all good! ;)

    Have a great Friday!
    ♥ Josune @ Your Beauty Script


  18. Favourites posts always get my in the same way. The Laura Mercier Body Lotion smells amazing, there was actually a perfume that came in the same set, but I used that up ages ago hehe :)

  19. It's so pretty isn't it, perfect for autumn/winter :)

  20. Hi Josune, thank you, I think all the beauty and fashion trends for autumn definitely help with inspiration :)

  21. pillow talk just has to be the best lip liner out there. the colour is just perfect. also, i love the pictures so, sooooo much.


  22. Aww thank you Elena, they are definitely still a work in progress. I pretty much wear CT Pillow Talk every time I fancy a nude lip, it's just a classic! :)

  23. I really need to get my hands on that Zoeva palette, I keep seeing it pop up and its so beautiful!


  24. It's so pretty, perfect for autumn! :)

  25. That maybelline lipstick looks gorgeous!


  26. It's lovely isn't it, I'm really loving my nude shades at the moment! :)

  27. I can't get enough of nude shades, I try and branch out and not let myself get stuck in a makeup rut but nude shades will always have my heart because I love to wear eyeshadow but I don't like eyeshadow with a bright lipstick, it doesn't look right on me.

  28. Love the colour of that lippy! I am so into them kind of browny tones at the moment!


  29. That Maybelline lipstick sounds awesome and looks super pretty!!! :D

    xx SofiaaDot


  30. The honey mask sounds great! I'm always up to an(other) gentle hydrating mask :)
    Jessie | Bear and Berries

  31. I can never get enough of face masks, they are most definitely one of my favourite beauty products to buy :)

  32. I love that Zoeva palette and Pillow Talk is a gorgeous colour! xx

  33. Pillow Talk is probably my most used lip product, it's exceptional!


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